Check the Installation

In a perfect world the person who installed your washer would have done this well but all too often we find some important steps are neglected in this procedure.

Is the machine sitting in it's feet?


As you can see from the picture above, there should be a gap between the bottom of the corner cabinets and the floor. To achieve this, the rubber inserts need to be in the feet and the feet wound down. 

Is your machine leveled?


Very few floors are completely flat so you can screw the feet up and down to level machine. Adjust the feet so the machine is level and cannot rock. To check if your machine is level, look down on the wash bowl and make sure it is slightly forward of centre. 

Hose connection


Is the hot hose connected to the hot tap and the cold connected to the cold? The cold valve is the one to the outside of the washer (closest to the edge). I know it seems simple but we find this is often around the wrong way.

Drain Hose - check that the drain hose is threaded through the U- bend, and not poking out too much (see U&C for details).