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Petit Trois Omelet

This recipe is presented to you by Ludo Lefebvre.



For 1 omelet


  • 37.5g Dijon Mustard (Fallot “Burgundy” Mustard)
  • 32.5g White Wine Vinegar
  • 140g Grape seed Oil
  • 22.5g Shallots
  • 7.5g Water
  • 3 Large eggs (Whisked & Strained)
  • 2 Pinches of fleur de Sel de “Guérande”
  • 45g Plugra Butter (Small Dice)
  • 1tsp Chives (Sliced Fine)
  • 20g Boursin Cheese “Black Pepper” (piping bag)
  • 6 leaves of Boston Living Lettuce

To make the Dressing:

  • Slowly whisk the Dijon the mustard and the white wine vinegar, then gently incorporate the grape seed oil (do not whisk very hard).
  • Stir in the water just until it is incorporated and add the shallots.
  • Refrigerate.

To make the Omelet:

  • In a 9.5” nonstick pan melt your butter on high heat. Then turn it down to medium high.
  • Add the eggs and fleur de sel. With a small spatula stir eggs in concentric circles from center to outward.
  • When eggs are 60% cooked pull off heat and let it stand for 30 seconds so that the egg carries over slightly to coagulate to create a smooth bottom.
  • Pipe down the top and in the middle of the omelet add the Boursin Cheese. With the spatula break loose the edges of the omelet. Then gently roll the top a quarter downwards.
  • Place a small cube of butter on the top of the folded edge and slide the spatula underneath the omelet to help release it from the pan. Keep folding the eggs over until it forms a nice roll.
  • Dismount the omelet on to the plate.

To serve:

  • In a small bowl tear the Boston living leaves and pour dressing (roughly 2tbs of Dijon vinaigrette) finish the omelet by rubbing some butter on top of it for flavor.
  • Sprinkle some fleur de sel and sliced chives over the omelet. Enjoy!


Recipe by Ludo Lefebvre ©2016