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Designed to deliver complete control

Designed to deliver complete control

90cm Gas on Steel Cooktop

This five burner gas cooktop is one of the award-winning Gas on Glass family of appliances designed using premium-quality materials. The materials and finishes include a defining polished metal trim, black reflective glass control panel and black ceramic glass cooking zone.


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Fuel for every use

Electric Cooktops

High speed ribbon elements heat up quickly and maintain an even temperature for faster cooking.

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Gas Cooktops

Ultimate in premium quality. From a powerful wok burner to an extremely low simmer burner.

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Induction Cooktops

Remarkably rapid, economical and safe way to cook, epitomize easy wipe away cleaning.

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Our Kitchen

The best for you to enjoy

Our Kitchen came from our cooking-mad design team here at Fisher & Paykel. We are lovers of food and cooking and the recipes have been tested on our friends, family and workmates, and only the best make it onto Our Kitchen for all to enjoy.

Kitchen Companion Products

Kitchen Companion Products

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