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36" All Grill + Cart

Fisher & Paykel DCS outdoor Grills are designed to compliment any outdoor environment. Whether it’s fully built-in integration or the flexibility of a Grill cart, the DCS range takes performance to a new level. The 36” All Grill combines precision-ported Stainless Steel burners with Ceramic Radiant Technology and Double Sided Cast Stainless Steel Grilling Grates. In addition the heavy duty Dedicated Infrared Rotisserie is perfect for outdoor roasting.

616 H
912 W
676mm D

9 Volt Battery Ignition

9 Volt Battery Ignition

9 Volt battery ignition ensures safe and efficient igniter action and grill lighting every time; unlike often unreliable basic piezo electric systems.

Patented Grease Management System™

Patented Grease Management System™

The Patented Grease Management System™ reduces flare-ups by channelling grease away from the burner flames during grilling.

Double-sided Cast Stainless Steel Grilling Grates

Double-sided Cast Stainless Steel Grilling Grates

Double Sided Cast Stainless Steel Grilling Grates - deliver perfect sear lines at the same time as channelling away oil to an easily removable capture tray. Grates feature one side with a gentle radius for support and handling, while the other side is W shaped for maximum grease capture, while leaving perfect sear lines.

Robust Construction

Robust Construction

Strongly engineered and incredibly detailed. Featuring heavy grade 304 Stainless Steel throughout, with welded & polished seams, heavy duty fittings, handles and controls. All intended to be the last grill anyone will need to purchase.



Dedicated Infrared Rotisserie Burner - provides controlled searing heat. The heavy duty Rotisserie Motor with Stainless Steel hexagonal rod and adjustable forks can accommodate a 25kg load.

Smart Beam™ Grill Light

Smart Beam™ Grill Light

Smart Beam™ Grill Light - illuminates the entire cooking surface for perfect night grilling. A 40 watt halogen light is integrated into the patented weather proof rotisserie motor, making it easily accessible and ergonomic.

Stainless Steel Burners

Stainless Steel Burners

Another example of our intense focus on quality & performance; the precision ported U-Shaped Stainless Steel burners are rated at a massive 27 MJ/h each.

Sized to Suit

It comes in

  • Stainless Steel

It measures

Width 912
Height 616
Depth 676mm
To view complete dimensions please see full specs

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Burner Ratings (Natural gas)
Grill burners (Natural gas) 3@ 27MJ/h
Integrated rotisserie burner (Natural gas) 14 MJ/h
Regulator pressure (Natural gas) 1.00kPa
Total nominal gas consumption (Natural gas) 95MJ/h
Burner Ratings (Universal LPG)
Grill burners (LPG) 3@ 26.5MJ/h
Integrated rotisserie burner (LPG) 16.5MJ/h
Total nominal gas consumption (LPG) 96MJ/h
Grill burners 3
Infrared rotisserie burner 1
Primary cooking area (grill) 0.41m²
Secondary cooking area (warming rack) 0.15m²
Total cooking area 0.56m²
With rotisserie motor mounted H616 x W1086 x D676mm
With the grill hood up H880 x W912 x D718mm
Without rotisserie motor mounted H616 x W912 x D676mm
304 grade Stainless Steel burner tubes
304 grade Stainless Steel gas mainfold
9V battery ignition
Available in built-in or on cart applications
Available in natural gas or LPG
Ceramic radiant technology
Designer metal control knobs
Double sided Stainless Steel grilling grates
Full surface searing across entire grilling area
Grease management system™
Heavy duty rotisserie motor 240V 50Hz
Rotisserie System
Smart Beam™ grill light
Speed of rotisserie 6 rpm
Stainless steel drip tray
Weight rotisserie can handle 25kg
Manufacturer’s Warranty 2 years
Stainless Steel grill burners and all cast alloy parts 2+3 years
Stainless Steel grill cover, burner box, cooking grates, grill racks 2+13 years
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Package Options

36" All Grill<

36" All Grill

RRP $6499 NZD
36" Grill Cart

36" Grill Cart

RRP $2499 NZD
Side Shelf

Side Shelf

RRP $349 NZD

Outdoor Grill Range

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