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DE50F56E - AeroSense™ 5.0kg Clothes Dryer - 93218

AeroSense™ 5.0kg Clothes Dryer

The unique Quad Fin system is designed to change the way clothes circulate within the dryer drum. The Quad Fin design rotates and propels clothes from the front to the back of the drum in a continuous 360 degree movement, removing hot spots and creating more even drying throughout the load.

4 Energy rating
4.5 Water rating
1400 Max spin speed

795 H
565 W
560 D

What is SmartDrive™?
SmartDrive™ Technology

What is SmartDrive™?

SmartDrive™ Technology

Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ washing machines use our world first direct drive technology, which has revolutionised clothes washing and clothes care since the 1990s. By combining smart electronics and a direct drive motor that connects directly to the wash drum, the need for a belt and pulleys is removed and the motor constantly provides feedback to a computer controlling the tumble and spin action. This two way communication allows SmartDrive™ washers to sense and respond to each load in an intelligent way providing exceptional clothes care.

Quick Vortex Wash Cycles

Quick Vortex
Wash Cycles

Fisher & Paykel have developed the Vortex Wash which speeds up the cleaning process so most cycles take less than an hour to complete. This is like an explosion in the midst of the tumble action which thrusts the sudsy water from the bottom of the drum into and through the clothes. By getting the cleaning agents and heat into the fibres of the clothes quicker the clothes get clean quicker.

Whisper Quiet

Whisper Quiet

SmartDrive™ technology uses a direct drive motor that removes the need for belts, pulleys and the traditional block of concrete to hold the machine down in spin cycle. Without these old components, SmartDrive™ washers are more reliable, produce less vibration and noise levels are reduced to a whisper quiet.

SmartTouch™ Control Dial

SmartTouch™ Control Dial

The SmartTouch™ Control Dial is your interface to SmartDrive™ Technology. It distils 21 years of SmartDrive development into a user-friendly interface, to deliver and expert wash every time through 9 and 13 pre-programmed wash cycles.

Add a Garment

Add a Garment

The ‘add a garment' option allows you to quickly add or remove a garment mid cycle.

Energy Water Efficiency

Energy Water Efficiency

Our SmartDrive™ Front Loaders deliver a 4.5 star Water Rating as well as a 4 Star Energy Rating, making them one of the most efficient front loaders on the market.

Hot and Cold Fill

Hot and Cold Fill

Unlike many other Front Loaders ours can be installed with both hot and cold water inlets. This gives the option of cold water heated in the washer, or both hot and cold direct from the inlet, for better energy efficiency and quicker wash cycles.

Sized to Suit

It comes in

  • White

It measures

Width 565
Height 795
Depth 560
To view complete dimensions please see full specs

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Capacity 5.0 kg
Consumption Data
Star Energy 2.0 Star
Height 795mm
Width 565mm
Depth 560mm
Depth to door open 930mm
Height with underbench plinth 850mm
Height - plinth to match washing machine 925mm
Dry Cycles
Air Dry
Time Dry
1 hour manual time setting
5 dryness settings
Automatic cooldown
Designed for reliability
Drying rack
End of cycle signal
Finish beep signals
Key lock
Lint filter
Reverse tumbling to prevent tangling
Stainless steel inside
Time delay 3, 6, 9 hours
Wrinkle guard
2 years comprehensive
User Guides

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Check with your local retailer for pricing, availability and stock of this model. The product dimensions and specifications in this page apply to the specific product and model. Under our policy of continuous improvement, these dimensions and specifications may change at any time. You should therefore check with your retailer or Fisher & Paykel's Customer Care Centre to ensure this page correctly describes the model currently available.

Mark Haydon - Chief Designer, Laundry and Refrigeration
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Mark Haydon - Chief Designer, Laundry and Refrigeration

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SmartDrive™ Technology Has feature Has feature  
Energy Rating 4 Star 4 Star  
Water Rating (WELS) 4.5 Star 4.5 Star  
Vortex Wash Has feature Has feature  
Wash cycles 13 9  
Max Spin Speed 1400 rpm 1100 rpm  
Water Temperature Controls 5 5  
Soil Levels 3    
Add a Garment Has feature    
Wrinkle Free Has feature    
Capacity 7.5 kg, 8.5 kg 7.5 kg, 8.5 kg  
Model Numbers WH7560P1

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