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7 April 2020

To our friends in Singapore,

As part of our ongoing response to COVID-19, Fisher & Paykel is working closely with teams around the world to ensure we provide a safe environment for our people, our customers, and our commercial partners.

On 3 April 2020, our Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong delivered updates on the coronavirus situation in Singapore. This includes imposing significantly stricter measures, also known as a "circuit breaker". In response to these tighter measures, we wish to inform that our company is listed as part of the essential services under "Other" Category - Repair of consumer electronics and household appliances, hence we are allowed to operate Business As Usual (BAU) with enhanced remote working and social distancing measures. Having said that, our appliances are available for purchase on all major retailers' online websites and service booking is available on our website.

Our warehouse and logistics are working on a business-as-usual schedule and are being guided through a contactless service process in consultation with each customer.

For purchase of spare parts and accessories, please call us on +65 65948016 to talk to our team.

In these trying times, staying connected with each other is more important than ever. We invite you to connect through our digital channels and will provide updates here as the situation evolves.

Remote working and social distancing

We are embracing new ways of working with teams now working remotely. As a business, we have had strict policies in place for a number of weeks designed to minimise risk, including restrictions on travel, events and reducing meetings with third parties.

Supply and customer service

We know the ability to replace, maintain or repair your appliances will be of utmost importance to you at this time.

If we do come to your home, we have introduced a number of checks and balances for our mobile workforce to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission. They include:

  1. Remote working for all office staff
  2. Provision of thermometers to all off-site promoters, warehouse teams and service teams
  3. Administration of health & travel declaration forms for all staff and contractors
  4. Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting common areas
  5. Ensuring masks are worn during service/deliveries as a precaution
  6. Provision of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) information and precautionary briefing for staff

We have taken steps to ensure that all staff on duty are healthy and we will also monitor their health while at work. It is mandatory for all staff to take their temperature twice daily. Staff who are unwell will be required to see the doctor immediately. Additionally, our staff who have recently travelled are required to take a leave of absence for 14 days to undergo self-quarantine. These steps will change with the global situation, so please be patient as we manage any delays.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to shift and evolve, our plans may too. What will not change, however, is our absolute commitment to making sure our customers, employees and trade partners are safe.

Our best and stay well,

Rudi Khoury
Executive Vice President - Marketing & Customer Experience

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