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WA85T60FW1 - FabricSmart™ 8.5kg - 94133

FabricSmart™ 8.5kg

The FabricSmart™ washing machine is so intelligent it’s almost human. It’s the only washing machine in the world with true Fabric Sensing Technology. Whether it is your favourite shirt or your most loved toy, this machine will deliver the ultimate clothes care.

125 Agitator actions
1000 Max Spin Speed (rpm)

1020 - 1050 H
600 W
600 D

What is SmartDrive™?
SmartDrive™ Technology

What is SmartDrive™?

SmartDrive™ Technology

It takes a lot of brainpower to make things really simple. That, in a sentence, is the essence of SmartDrive™. Traditional washing machines are made up of many moving parts. Their complexity also means there's a lot that can go wrong with them. Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ machines are made of just three main parts: a small computer, a flexible agitator, and a simple direct-drive motor. This means washing machines that can sense each load, use less water and run with less moving parts.

Fabric Sensing

Fabric Sensing

Fabric Sensing is achieved using our flexible finned agitator; the computer measures the resistance of fabrics to specific agitator actions. It senses the average fabric mix and optimises the wash cycle for it, including water level, wash action, time and rinse. With just two button presses you get expert wash results. Clothes last up to 30% longer compared to a pre-2004 SmartDrive™ washer.

Eco-Active™ Wash

Eco-Active™ Wash

A small volume of warm sudsy water is re-circulated through the clothes in a cascade effect. Then after this "pre-soak", cooler water is added and it agitates to finish the wash. The Eco Active™ wash saves energy, but best of all it achieves a better clean.

Lifestyle Cycles

Lifestyle Cycles

13 Lifestyle cycles including Allergy, Muddy, Sports shoes, Duvet/Doona, Nappy Rinse and many more

Sized to Suit

It comes in

  • White

It measures

Width 600
Height 1020 - 1050
Depth 600
To view complete dimensions please see full specs

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1020 - 1050
Max Spin Speed (rpm) 1000
Consumption Data
Star Water 2 Ticks
Depth 600 mm
Height (lid open) 1360-1370 mm
Height to highest point on console 1020-1050 mm
Width 600 mm
Other Features
3 spin speeds (330, 670, 1000rpm)
Adjustable alert beeps
Auto out of balance correction
Auto-lint disposal
Controlled cold function (20°C)
Controlled temperature mixing chamber
Delay start 15,30 mins, 1-8, 10,12,14,16,18 hrs
Display screen incl. time remaining
Eco - water saver cycle
Eco-Active™ wash
Fabric sensing
Fabric softener dispenser
How dirty?
Rinse options 6
Soak option
Spin hold option
Stainless steel bowl
Time saver
Wash temperature controls 6
Water levels (manual) 5
Water saver option
System Features
Agitator actions 125
Auto water level
Capacitive Touch Control Panel
Direct Drive Motor
Lid lock
Load sensing
New LCD control panel
SmartDrive™ Technology
10 year Direct Drive Motor
2 year comprehensive
5 year rust free
Manufacturer's warranty (years) 2
Wash Cycles
13 Specialty Lifecycles
Clean Me
Diaper Rinse
Permanent Press
Sports: Beach Gear
Sports: Muddy
Sports: Shoes
Sports: Sweaty
Stains: Blood
Stains: Chocolate
Stains: Fruit
Stains: Grass
Stains: Wine
User Guides

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Check with your local retailer for pricing, availability and stock of this model. The product dimensions and specifications in this page apply to the specific product and model. Under our policy of continuous improvement, these dimensions and specifications may change at any time. You should therefore check with your retailer or Fisher & Paykel's Customer Care Centre to ensure this page correctly describes the model currently available.

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