OB60SL7DEX1 - 60cm Single 7 Function Built-in Oven - 80827
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60cm Single 7 Function Built-in Oven

Finished in black reflective glass with polished metal trim our 60cm Single 7 Function Built-in Oven was built for performance. An intuitive control system allows for precise mode selection across seven cooking functions and the generous 77 litre internal capacity fits 30 percent more than traditional European ovens.

B B Energy Rating, Brushed Stainless Steel


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Designed to Match

Designed to Match

Our Built-in Ovens are finished in black reflective glass and stainless steel, matching the rest of Fisher & Paykel’s coordinated kitchen family.

Seven Functions

Seven Functions

Complete with everyday features, this non-pyrolytic model does not support ActiveVent™ technology.

Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound

A clever cooling system allows for a lighter three-pane glass door‡, while still achieving CoolTouch status. Full extension telescopic shelves are optional.

‡ Excludes OB60SL11DCPX model



The Bake function is for the traditional method of baking. Heat is radiated from the top and bottom elements of the oven with natural thermal convection currents distributing the heat. Moisture is retained within the cavity to provide light, moist results. It is best to bake on only one shelf at a time using this function to ensure the best result.

Classic Bake

Classic Bake

Classic Bake is a traditional baking function suitable for recipes developed in older ovens. Heat is generated only from the bottom, allowing for gentle cooking of delicate recipes and for those that require slow cooking. There is no direct heating to the top of the food so it's perfect for items that require minimal surface browning.

Fan Bake

The Fan Bake function allows heat to be generated by elements at the top and bottom with the fan creating airflow throughout the oven. This increased airflow speeds up cooking and as a result, oven temperatures can be lowered by 20°C for most recipes. Ideal for baked items that cook in less than one hour such as biscuits, muffins and cakes.

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Fan Forced

The Fan Forced function is great for multi-shelf cooking. Heat energy is generated at the rear of the cavity by a powerful element surrounding the fan and is distributed evenly throughout the space from behind the fan shroud. Salting the potatoes before you bake them draws out moisture from the potatoes, allowing the oven to give them an oven baked crispness. Take care when adding the potatoes into the hot dish as the hot oil can spit up and the hot shock is also important for super crispy chips.

Fan Grill

The Fan Grill has the addition of the fan to circulate hot air throughout the oven. Intense heat and radiation provide an excellent environment for cooking large cuts of meats moist inside and crisp on the outside. A thermometer is a great tool for checking the internal temperature. Always insert it into the thickest part of the meat. Alternatively check for doneness by cutting into the thickest part and checking the juices run clear.


The Grill function delivers intense heat from the inner region of the top element for when you need to quickly grill one or two portions. Perfect for cooking crispy chicken breast, steak and fish. The intensity of the Grill function can be finely controlled. For quick surface browning, HI is ideal. Here, level 7 ensures the tomatoes are cooked right through just as the spice mixture becomes perfectly caramelised.

Pastry Bake

The Pastry Bake function is similar to Classic Bake, with the addition of the fan to circulate hot air around the cavity. It is good for food items that need more intense heat from the bottom but still require some heat on the top, such as pies and tarts.



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Shelf positions 6
Total capacity 90L
Usable capacity 77L


AMP draw 13A
Energy rating B

Cooking modes

Oven functions 7
Classic Bake
Defrost °
Fan Bake
Fan Forced
Fan Grill
Pastry Bake
Pyrolytic Self-Clean °
Roast °
Vent Bake °
Warm °


ActiveVent™ system °
AeroTech™ technology
Automatic rapid pre-heat °
Grill 3000W


Acid resistant graphite enamel
Drop down grill element
Removable oven door/inner glass
Removable shelf runners
Self-cleaning catalytic liners Optional


Advanced cooling system
Balanced oven door
CoolTouch door
Full extension telescopic shelves Optional
Non-tip shelves


Automatic cooking/minute timer Yes
Capacitive touch controls
Electronic clock
Interior light 25W


Flat brushed baking tray 1
Flat wire shelf 1
Full extension telescopic shelves Optional
Roasting dish and grill rack set 1
Step down wire shelf 1


Warranty 5 years

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