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CoolDrawer™ Multi-Temperature Refrigerator

The CoolDrawer™ has been designed to change from refrigerator to freezer at the touch of a button. It is built on the concept of distributed refrigeration, combining ActiveSmart™ Technology with a drawer-based design that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, home or entertainment area. You can integrate the cooldrawer discreetly into your cabinetry or purchase a stainless steel drawer panel* to match your CoolDrawer with other kitchen appliances. The CoolDrawer™ provides five temperature settings to deliver total flexibility — freezer, chill, fridge, pantry and wine modes, merging intelligence with convenience. * Stainless steel drawer front panel sold separately


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Chill Mode

Chill Mode sets the compartment to a temperature ideal for highly perishable meats, poultry and seafood. For these types of food it is ideal to hold them at a temperature as close to freezing as possible to retain their vital freshness. Chill Mode sets the compartment at -0.5°C, just above the freezing temperature for meat.


Freezer Mode

Ideal for general frozen food storage with the added flexibility of three freezer functions - bottle chill, fast freeze and deep freeze. Freezer Mode is set at -18°C for longer term storage for frozen items.

Fridge Mode

The ideal storage for most foods such as fruit and vegetables, dairy products, processed meats and drinks. The compact upper storage tray is a perfect place for sensitive foods such as peaches, cherries, cheeses and deli items, while the tall bin is ideal for large bottles and containers.

Pantry Mode

Designed for foods that require a cool, dark place for storage, such as tropical fruits, tomatoes, bananas, bread and cereals. Pantry Mode provides a solution for all those foods that you didn't previously know what to do with and have always resorted to storing on the bench or in the cupboard.

Wine Mode

Using Wine Mode, connoisseurs can take advantage of special settings that preserve and present wine at its optimum temperature. Wine Mode is ideal for long term storage of all wine at 12°C. It also offers short term storage at 7°C for white wine and 15°C for red wine.

Specifications & Features


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Total gross capacity 123L
Parts & labour 2 years
Sealed system parts 5 years
Chill (-0.5 °C)
Pantry (12 °C)
Wine (7 - 15°C)
Refrigerator (3°C)
Freezer (-18°C)
Energy rating A+
Energy usage 110kWh/year
Touch control glass interface
Key lock
Variable temperature control
Fruit and vegetable drawer & pullout tray
Customisable storage container
Drawer alarm



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Installation Manual

CoolDrawer™ Framed Installation - RB36S and RB90S models

User Guides

CoolDrawer™ - RB36S and RB90S models

Installation Manual

CoolDrawer™ Frameless Installation - RB90S and RB36S models

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CoolDrawer™ Multi-Temperature Refrigerator
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CoolDrawer™ Multi-Temperature Refrigerator



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