Vintage Cooling

Show absolute respect to the vintage and the estate with wine cabinets that create the best environment for your finest bottles. Set dual zones to serve a variety of wines at their perfect temperature, while cellaring your most treasured bottles with features that protect against the effects of light, temperature, humidity and agitation.

The Cellar Door

Set dual zones, control temperature and humidity, and protect against the effects of light and vibration. Wine Columns provide the ultimate in wine cellaring and serving.

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Slow The
Aging Process

There is no better exemplar of the way perfect storage conditions bring out the finer characteristics of a product than with wine.

Wine inherently does not want to survive. From the moment it is filled in the bottle, wine is in a permanent state of degradation, and how that wine degrades – or ages – is what makes an incredible and historical experience.

Wine is challenged by light, temperature, humidity, and agitation. It is the combination of these factors that creates characteristics in wine that either promote or detract from the true representation of the estate.

Flavour Balance

Every wine has its ideal serving temperature to bring out the full spectrum of flavours and aromas the winemaker has worked hard to imbue in every bottle.

Serving wine too cold accentuates tannins and acidity, giving an astringent taste and masking subtle floral and fruity notes. Too warm, and alcohols become pronounced, overriding many of the flavours that make a fine wine so special.

Knowing the right serving temperature for the specific wine varietal is the key to bringing out every subtle note the winemaker intended.

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Sauvignon Blanc

With flavours of apple, tropical fruits, lime and peach, dry white wines like unoaked Sauvignon Blanc are ideally served at around 7°C to promote these fruity flavours.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark and complex, a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon may open with notes of plum, dark berries, vanilla and black pepper. Serving warmer at 15°C will present the fullness of the wine, improving mouthfeel and promoting deeper flavours.


Between 6°C and 8°C, champagne is at its peak. The cooler temperature makes for finer bubbles that do not turn to foam, while sitting in the perfect range to accentuate more subtle fruity flavours.

Invest In Your Collection

Wine is an investment – in time, in knowledge, and in a collection that will continue to develop and improve with the years.

We have partnered with master sommeliers and winemakers to gain a deep understanding of the perfect conditions for aging wines of every vintage and varietal, applying decades of expertise in refrigeration to create our luxury wine cabinets.

Combined with Column refrigerators and freezers, this is the ultimate kitchen solution to showcase your finest bottles.

UV Protection

UV light-blocking glass protects wine from excessive light, slowing chemical reactions that will destroy the delicate bouquet of wine and lead to off flavours. LED display lighting illuminates the cabinet to showcase your collection.

Dual Zones

Dual independent zones and flexible temperature settings allow you to serve your white and red wine at the perfect temperature, while cellaring your most treasured bottles to continue developing.

Low Vibration

Energy created by vibrations can destroy the esters that give wine its deep aroma and flavour. Protect your collection with anti-vibration full extension oak shelves and low-vibration compressor technology.

Wine Bottles Stored in Wine Cabinet.

Light Strike

For centuries, winemakers have stored wine in cellars underground. Not only does this keep bottles cool, but also away from the particularly detrimental effects of light.

UV light causes chemical reactions that degrade the delicate bouquet of wine and cause off flavours in the wine.

Fisher & Paykel wine cabinets feature multi-layer UV protection to keep your bottles in peak condition for aging.

Make Wine An Artform

The wine cellar has long been a point of conversation for discerning collectors – a showpiece of the home to be shared with friends and other connoisseurs alike.

Whether a collector’s item like a Premier cru classé wine from Bordeaux, or a modern classic from new world wine regions in Napa Valley or the Marlborough region of New Zealand, fine wine should be celebrated and displayed.

The best wine storage turns your collection into a beautiful design feature, while providing the best conditions for cellaring every vintage.

A Beautiful Combination

Create the ultimate kitchen solution for the wine connoisseur, pairing the Integrated Column wine cabinet with Column Refrigerators and Freezers, or install separately with the freedom to place it wherever suits your vision. Designed to fit flush with cabinetry with minimal gaps and available with a stainless steel or custom panel door.

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Pride of Place

Integrated panelling gives you absolute freedom to hero your collection alongside Column Refrigeration and Freezers, or make it a standalone showpiece in a study or den.

Serve and Store

With dual zones, wine aficionados can choose to simultaneously cellar bottles for the future while serving others at the perfect temperature for the wine varietal.

Designed to Match

Fisher & Paykel wine cabinets are designed to pair perfectly with a full suite of kitchen appliances, bringing a considered aesthetic to the kitchen.