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Every fabric has its own needs for the best care. Fisher & Paykel laundry appliances are purposefully designed to deliver remarkable fabric care, regardless of the garment. Pair washers and dryers for a consistent and considered laundry that is not only visually appealing but perfectly matched in its functionality.

Fabric Care

The science of fabric care is a delicate balance – water, temperature, detergent, and movement come together to give the best results for delicates, durables and everything in-between.

Pair a washing machine powered by SmartDrive™ with the autosensing technologies of a Heat Pump Condenser Dryer for the ultimate in fabric care.

Perfect Pairs

The modern laundry is no longer just a functional work zone, it is beautifully designed and considered space featuring appliances that are styled to match and mirror one another both in aesthetic and in features.

Whether side-by-side, stacked, or distributed to suit your laundry space and patterns of use, these appliances are designed to be proudly on show.

Carbon Impact

With a critical focus on carbon emissions, we are seeking to address the urgency of the climate crisis with speed and scale in multiple areas of our business. See our Carbon Impact Statement for details about our carbon emissions goals, strategy and roadmap.

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The Science
of Fabric Care

Every fabric is unique, composed of different weaves, structures, and strengths. It is these attributes that make certain garments cooler to wear, lock in warmth, or move and stretch for performance.

The best laundry appliances are those that not only provide an excellent clean, but also give options that help us to care for all fabrics and preserve the qualities that we love in our garments.

Laundry For Every Fabric

Garments made from synthetic fibres – such as activewear – that rely on their tensile strength to hold shape require low temperatures during both the wash and dry cycles.

Many natural fibres such as silks and linens benefit from a slightly damper dry to keep them from creasing.

Whether natural or synthetic, each category is sensitive to different parts of the washing process, and has its own needs for the best care.


High performance and technical fabrics often require special care – longer, more gentle wash cycles with a greater volume of water to maintain the item’s performance while still providing an excellent clean. Tumble drying waterproof garments on low heat will improve water and dirt repellent properties by reactivating the existing waterproofing.

Delicate Fabrics

For many natural fibres, the tightness of the weave and the natural oils they contain are what makes them soft, warm and breathable. Our commitment to fabric care is to create the perfect washing and drying cycles to preserve these qualities.


Wool is very durable and generally requires less washing than other fabrics. However, gentle washing will help retain the garment’s lustre and natural softness, and remove degrading oils.


A lightweight, luxurious fabric with a beautiful drape and lustre, silk is a natural fibre that has excellent insulating and absorbency properties – making it cool in summer and warm in winter. Silk is sensitive to heat and therefore requires low wash and dry temperatures, and is best ironed when damp.


While durable, many synthetic fibres are sensitive to heat and will lose their structure when exposed to high temperatures.

Elastane and Spandex, are popular fibres used to make gym and yoga wear, with a smooth, stretchy fit and good shape recovery. The elasticity of these elastane fibres can be irreversibly compromised by heat, and so are best washed on a delicate or activewear setting and dried at low temperatures.

Strength & Comfort

Long, uniform natural fibres make for fabrics that are both durable and comfortable to wear. This is why cotton and linen are popular choices for everyday wear and bedding. The right wash and dry cycles ensure cottons remain colourfast and reduce creasing in linens, for a perfect result every time.


Cotton is the most common of the natural fibre family, being a comfortable, breathable fabric that is hypoallergenic and does not irritate skin. Strong and abrasion resistant, cotton fibres can withstand warmer wash temperatures and greater agitation to remove dirt and odours.


Linen is crisper than cotton but similarly breathable and cool. It has long fibres at variable lengths, which contributes to its strength and longevity. Though it is has more texture than cotton, it is silky with high lustre, becoming softer and more absorbent after each wash and tumble dry. Like silk, it is important to remove linen items from the dryer when slightly damp to reduce wrinkles.


Denim has transcended time and context, from workwear to high fashion. It is a sturdy, durable fabric that can utilise laundering to maintain or alter its appearance.

Being able to handle longer wash times, greater agitation, and higher temperatures enables the fibres to have a deep clean but will also accelerate fading.

To reduce fading and maintain colour for fashion denim, select a lower wash temperature, wash and dry separately and turn the denim item inside out.

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