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The Complete Appliance Suite

Bring design freedom to the home with a comprehensive suite of
luxury appliances that complement the way you live.

Through our human-centered design approach, we have redefined what home appliances should be.

Mark Elmore, Executive Vice-President Design & Brand

We have to be different. And the only way we're really going to achieve that is by understanding the customer better – exploring the way people use our products. Through these insights we can create a true point of difference.

Kane Alward, Executive Vice-President Product Development

Design is a way for us to unify many possibilities. Complexity is easy. Simplicity and elegance takes a lot longer.

Geoff Mitchell, Senior Product Manager (North America)

We have many tools at our disposal, and no rules on how we get to the solution. That’s a huge enabler of creative freedom.

Mark Haydon, Chief Designer: Laundry & Refrigeration

To make beautiful products, it all begins with understanding the customer. Understanding how people live, so we can create the best outcome for them.

Mike Jensen, General Manager of Industrial Design

Whether you have a small apartment kitchen or a large family one, you want appliances to sit quietly in the space – except for when you don’t.

Lauren Palmer, Product Design Manager: Dishwashing Product Development

Our product development process begins with understanding the need, then exploring how we can deliver to that need. Testing throughout is essential, and our process adapts as we learn and discover more.

Neville Seagar, Senior Technical Leader, Product Development

Our communication has to be inspiring as well as educational, so people can explore opportunities and gain the knowledge to create exactly the kitchen they desire – with no compromises.

Dion Christie, General Manager of Brand & Content

Ultimate Kitchen Solutions

Transform ingredients into cuisine, chores into beautiful experiences, and routines into rituals with our full suite of luxury kitchen appliances.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where people come together to eat, share and live life. Combine beautiful design and exceptional performance with appliances that encourage unique configurations tailored for your lifestyle.

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Fabric Care

Love your laundry with appliances that are designed to reflect how you live and that care for the garments you treasure.

Each fabric has unique properties and requirements for optimal care. Combine laundry appliances designed to pair perfectly both in form and function, to get the best results from delicates to durables and everything in between.

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Carbon Impact

With a critical focus on carbon emissions, we are seeking to address the urgency of the climate crisis with speed and scale in multiple areas of our business. See our Carbon Impact Statement for details about our carbon emissions goals, strategy and roadmap.

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Human-Centred Design

We deeply understand how people live, and the rituals and experiences that enrich life. This is where hidden insights are uncovered, and how exceptional appliance design helps make life easier.

Perfect Results

Discover perfect results with appliances that are designed to deliver exceptional performance and precision.

Designed to Fit

Create a considered space with appliances that are crafted to match with each other and your home environment.

Beautiful to Use

Appliances that deliver rich experiences with every use, turning daily routines into rituals.

Built to Last

Designed and engineered using quality materials and finishes intended to stand the test of time.

Respect for
The Planet

Live more sustainably, with appliances designed to reduce energy and water use, without compromising performance.

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Jervois Apartment

Project Type
Apartment Building
Auckland, New Zealand

Jervois Apartment

In the central Auckland suburb of Herne Bay, Monk Mackenzie Architects worked with bespoke developer Artifact Property to create a very singular small-scale apartment block.

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Hahei House

Project Type
Coromandel, New Zealand

Hahei House

This beach house on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, designed by Paul Clarke of Auckland-based Studio2 Architects, is sympathetic to its dune environment. The Scandinavian-style oak-lined interiors exude a sense of peace that gives the owners, a couple with three children, a tranquil space to socialise and relax during their breaks from the city.

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