In the Sydney suburb of Kensington, Ha Architecture reimagines and extends a traditional Edwardian row house.

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Project Details


Despite its narrow allotment, the additional works expand deeper into the site and rise upwards, with a second level neatly tucked behind the original silhouette of the home. Ha Architecture drew on the existing structure of the row house, and respectfully responds through a crisply refined approach, still remaining connected to its handmade elements.

Outside shot of the front of Bianco House

Project Type: Residential Home

Location: Sydney, Australia

Architect: Ha Architecture

Photographer: Nicholas Wilkins


Combining a shared kitchen and dining space to the rear, a newly sculpted master bedroom, ensuite and wardrobe is added above. Subtleness is key, as the resulting home becomes an assortment of expressed texture within a minimal and restrained palette.

Side shot of the kitchen and ascending staircase, showcasing the minimal style


The home feels deliberately restful. Carefully considered openings connect the built features to the natural landscape beyond. Integrated joinery ensures the space is utilised efficiently, and the combination of similarly toned tiles, paint, plaster and stone create a balanced harmony, that is accentuated by the textural warmth of the timber and polished concrete flooring. The integrated refrigeration and dishwashing solutions simply dissolve into the craft and expression of the kitchen's material palette, while visually recessive Minimal Style cooking appliances also play a discrete supporting role.

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