Windsor Street Terrace

In Sydney, Australia, Tom Mark Henry adapts a 1970s townhouse to create a family home designed for entertaining.

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Unlike the many dark and enclosed traditional terraced houses that dot Sydney, this architect-designed home from the 1970s was blessed with an open floor plan and split-level living, as well as a north-facing rear garden. The unique architecture was a driving factor in Tom Mark Henry’s design approach, which sought to make the most of it while enhancing its ability to function well for a family of five who love entertaining.

outdoor view looking into the kitchen at Windsor Street

Project Type: Urban Family Home

Location: Sydney, Australia

Architect: Tom Mark Henry

Photographer: Pablo Veiga


The kitchen needed to accommodate the day-to-day activities of a family of five, so ample storage and built-in joinery were key. Shaker-profile joinery and classic marble lend the kitchen a familiarity befitting the heart of a family home, while abundant storage and carefully selected appliances by Fisher & Paykel provide the all-important functionality without compromising on the design.

Interior shot of a kitchen featuring a marble island in the foreground


Given the family’s love of cooking and entertaining, the most significant appliances are the ovens and cooktop. Two all-black Minimal touchscreen ovens sit discreetly within the space, with the larger acting as the main oven, while the 60cm model provides additional capacity when entertaining. They are complemented by an induction cooktop, also from the Minimal range.

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