Our People


Liang Haishan Profile Picture.

Mr Liang Haishan


Mr Liang was appointed as Chair of Fisher & Paykel Appliances in July 2019 and has served as a Director of the Board since April 2011. He is Executive Vice President of Haier Group and President of Haier White Goods Group since 2007.

Prior to these roles, Mr Liang was Vice President of Haier Group and Managing Director of Haier Refrigeration Division.

Between 2002 and 2005, Mr Liang was Vice President of Haier Group and Managing Director of Haier Home Integration Product Division. From 1999 he was the Acting Vice President of Haier Group and Managing Director of Haier Logistics Division.

Mr Liang joined Haier in 1988 and prior to his appointment to the position of Managing Director of Haier Air Conditioner Division in 1995, held a variety of positions in the manufacturing, engineering, QC and enterprise management departments.

Mr Liang received a Bachelor of Management Science & Engineering degree from Xi'an Jiaotong University and has a PhD in Business Administration.

Daniel Witten-Hannah Profile Picture.

Mr Daniel Witten-Hannah

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr Witten-Hannah was appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in December 2019 and has been a Director of Fisher & Paykel Appliances since August 2018.

Mr Witten-Hannah joined Fisher & Paykel Appliances in 1995 and has extensive experience in various leadership and senior executive positions within the company, including Executive VP Product Development, Executive VP Marketing & Digital and, Chief Operating Officer.

During secondment to the United Kingdom, Mr Witten-Hannah oversaw the development and implementation of Fisher & Paykel’s UK and Ireland business strategy to provide an integrated consumer experience as the business expanded into the European market.

Mr Witten-Hannah holds a BE (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Auckland University.

Ma Jian Profile Picture.

Mr Ma Jian


Mr Ma Jian was appointed a Director of Fisher & Paykel Appliances in July 2018 and since 2014 has served as Vice President of Haier Home Appliances Group and General Manager of Haier Refrigeration.

Mr Ma commenced employment with the Haier Group in 1990. Between 1990 and 2014, Mr Ma held a number of senior positions and gained extensive industry experience in the Freezer, Refrigeration and Kitchen Appliance areas of Haier international business operations.

Mr Ma holds a PhD in Management from Ocean University of China.

Shu Hai Profile Picture.

Mr Shu Hai


Mr Shu Hai was appointed a Director of Fisher & Paykel Appliances in July 2018 and has served as Vice President of the Haier Home Appliances Group since 2013.

Initially commencing his professional career in July 1988, Mr Shu was employed in key management roles in the Chinese business sector where he gained considerable industry knowledge prior to joining the Haier Group in 1995.

Within the Haier Group, Mr Shu increased his operational experience and performed a variety of significant leadership positions in PD, Quality, Systems Management and Global Marketing. In 2009 Mr Shu was appointed General Manager of Haier Washing Machine Appliances and from 2012-2018 he has served as General Manager of Haier Washing Machine and Dishwasher Appliances.

Mr Shu is a graduate of International Trade from Ocean University of China and he holds an EMBA Master’s degree from Peking University.

Company Secretary

Mark Richardson Profile Picture.

Mark Richardson

Company Secretary

Mark was appointed Company Secretary in 2001.

He commenced employment with Fisher & Paykel Appliances in 1977 and since that time has acquired an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the company's financial operations from a range of roles, including Chief Financial Officer from 2004 to 2011.

His current position is Senior Corporate Financial Advisor and Company Secretary. He is a member of the Chartered Accountants of New Zealand (CA).


Kane Alward Profile Picture.

Kane Alward

Executive Vice President Product Development

Kane was appointed Executive Vice President Product Development in December 2017. He leads the Fisher & Paykel Appliances Global Product Development teams based in New Zealand and China.

Throughout his career at Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Kane has held a variety of Product Development Senior Leadership roles. As Chief Engineer Laundry and Refrigeration and General Manager Product Development Kane has worked closely with the Haier Group to develop and maximize new technology and synergies between our two companies.

Before joining Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Kane also worked in a number of senior product development roles in New Zealand.

Kane holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (First Class Hons.) from the University of Canterbury and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business from the University of Auckland.

Anthony Belsham Profile Picture.

Anthony Belsham

CEO Fisher & Paykel Technologies

Anthony was appointed CEO of Fisher & Paykel Technologies in December 2018.

Before joining Fisher & Paykel Technologies, Anthony was CEO of Fronde Systems Group, where he successfully developed talented teams to build innovative intellectual property and create real business outcomes for customers across APAC.

Anthony was previously employed by Fisher & Paykel Appliances for 24 years from November 1991-December 2015. During this period, he held a number of Leadership and Senior Executive positions within the company in IT, Manufacturing, Operations, Quality, Product Development, Supply Chain, and Sales.

Anthony holds a Bachelor of Engineering (1st Class Hons) from Auckland University.

Andrew Cooke Profile Picture.

Duncan Brown

Executive Vice President People & Capability

Duncan joined Fisher & Paykel Appliances in October 2019 as Executive Vice President People & Capability.

Prior to joining Fisher & Paykel Appliance Duncan has worked for a number of multinational companies including Fletcher Building and Deloitte. He has extensive international experience in senior leadership roles across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. In these roles Duncan has partnered with leaders to drive cultural transformation and business performance through the leadership of commercially driven people strategies and initiatives.

Duncan holds a Bachelor of Management Studies from the University of Waikato.

Andrew Cooke Profile Picture.

Andrew Cooke

Executive Vice President Manufacturing, Quality, Digital and IT

Andrew was appointed to his current role in 2013.

He joined Fisher & Paykel Appliances in 1987 as a Control Systems Engineer in the East Tamaki Refrigeration Division.

Previous positions within the company include manufacturing support roles in Australia and New Zealand, followed by a move to Information Technology in 1997 and appointment to the position of Vice President Information Technology in 2002. In 2009 he assumed responsibility for our global supply chain with his appointment as Vice President Supply Chain Management.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honors) from the University of Auckland.

Thomas Fenst Profile Picture.

Thomas Fenst

Executive Vice President Supply Chain & Procurement

Thomas joined Fisher & Paykel Appliances in February 2016 as Global Supply Planning Manager. In August 2018 Thomas was appointed Executive Vice President Supply Chain & Procurement.

Thomas has nearly 20 years' experience in Supply Chain Management that includes global distribution, sourcing and planning. Prior to joining Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Thomas held various senior leadership positions in Europe and China with global medical device companies. His responsibilities have included the implementation of global planning systems and processes, the establishment and organizational redesign of global supply chain functions and the optimization of distribution and manufacturing networks.

Thomas holds a Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management from Copenhagen Business School.

Rebecca Holbrook Profile Picture.

Rebecca Holbrook

General Counsel

Rebecca joined Fisher & Paykel Appliances as General Counsel in 2004. While at the company, she has been President of the Corporate Lawyers Association of New Zealand and a member of the Intellectual Property Committee of the International Bar Association.

Early in her career, she worked for top tier law firms in New Zealand and Australia, before becoming General Counsel of Australian Associated Press. Her career has focused on international corporate projects, mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property. She has played a prominent role in many corporate transactions including the acquisitions of DCS, Inc. (USA), Elba Spa (Italy) and Maytag Mexico and the divestment of PML NZ in 2017. She has also been involved in a number of significant international intellectual property licensing transactions.

Rebecca holds Bachelor of Arts and LLB (Hons) degrees from the University of Auckland.

Graham Judge Profile Picture.

Graham Judge

Chief Financial Officer

Graham was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Fisher & Paykel Appliances in March 2018.

Graham was Acting CFO from May 2016 to January 2017, after which he continued to carry out special projects for the company, including Acting CFO of the Group’s Australian businesses from August 2017 to December 2017.

Graham was a Principal in Deloitte and was a Partner from 1982 to 2016; initially an Audit Partner, where he was Lead Partner on a number of significant public companies and subsidiaries of overseas companies and was Partner in Charge of the Deloitte New Zealand Audit practice. He subsequently specialized in Financial Due Diligence. Graham retired from Deloitte in 2018.

Graham holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland and is a Chartered Accountant.

Greg Shepherd Profile Picture.

Greg Shepherd

Executive Vice President Marketing

Greg joined Fisher & Paykel Appliances Ltd as Executive Vice President Marketing in April 2017.

Prior to his current role Greg was Chief Executive Officer of (formerly) Fisher & Paykel Finance for four years. Greg joined Fisher & Paykel Finance in 2005 and held various roles including Chief Operating Officer with responsibility for Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Previously he has also held senior roles in Sales and Marketing for Bank of New Zealand and Westpac Banking Corporation.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, is an active member of the Institute of Directors and is in the final stages of completing a Wharton Business School executive education program.

Yan Xiaoming Profile Picture.

Mr Yan Xiaoming

Executive Vice President

Mr Yan was appointed Executive Vice President Fisher & Paykel Appliances in January 2017.

Mr Yan joined Haier in 1998 and held various leadership positions in the International Department of Haier Electrical Appliances Corporation.

Between 2009 and 2011 Mr Yan served as Director of the Asia Pacific Region, Haier Overseas Electric Appliances Corp. Ltd and from 2011-2016 Mr Yan was Director and Vice President of Haier Japan Sales Company.

Mr Yan received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wuhan University and holds a Master of Business Administration degree (EMBA) from Tsinghua University.