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Transform ingredients into cuisine, chores into beautiful experiences and routines into rituals with Connected Home kitchen appliances designed to work together seamlessly to deliver Mastery of Temperature.

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Create a kitchen without compromise by combining luxury cooking, cooling, dishwashing and ventilation products.
All working together seamlessly to create Kitchen Perfection.

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Cooling Solutions

Every food and wine has unique climate requirements for the best of care.
Explore cooling solutions that allow you to master temperature with degree–perfect accuracy. Lock in freshness, flavour and nutrients for longer and avoid food waste. Heighten the quality of your wine tasting experience with optimised climates that give your collection the best possible opportunity to age gracefully and build complexity over time.

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Cooking Solutions

Even subtle changes in temperature and humidity can affect the quality of culinary creation, nutritional content and depth of flavour.
Perfect results in the kitchen come from Mastery of Temperature. Explore combinations of combination steam, convection, induction and gas appliances that allow you to introduce the right heat source at the right moment, and hold at the exact temperature for perfect flavour and texture.

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Ventilation Solutions

As kitchen and living spaces are increasingly blurred, managing the unwanted by–products of cooking becomes increasingly important.
Explore quiet and powerful ventilation solutions that do more than keep the air clean — they ensure your kitchen cabinetry and furniture remain in pristine condition and enhance the social qualities of the heart of the home.

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Dishwashing Solutions

Twenty–five years ago, we revolutionised the way people do the dishes with the DishDrawer™ Dishwasher.
Today, our innovative dishwashing solutions deliver even greater ergonomic benefits and cleaning and drying performance. Explore dishwashing solutions designed for luxury in every interaction, and turn a chore into a beautiful experience.

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For perfect results, different ingredients, foods and liquids need to be stored and cooked in different ways, at different temperatures, and with different levels of humidity. Even subtle changes in temperature and humidity can diminish freshness, nutritional content and depth of flavour.


Whether you've been cooking all your life or are just starting out, we've mastered temperature, so you can create perfect results.


From a gentle, chocolate–tempering warmth to the intense heat required to sear a perfectly cooked steak, our luxury cooking appliances deliver precise control right across the temperature spectrum.


From deep freeze to pantry mode, give market–fresh produce and protein the respect it deserves. Optimise climates using Variable Temperature Zone technology to perfectly care for any type of food or ingredient.


Wine care solutions with Variable Temperature Zone technology let you cellar precious bottles without worry, and optimise a serving temperature to heighten the quality of the tasting experience.

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Explore which appliance solution best suits the way you live, cook and entertain. Discover the ways temperature and humidity combine for optimal food care, and the relationships between cooking method, temperature and perfect flavour and texture.


A delicate chill for freshness, steam for perfect texture, a controlled sear for crisp skin. Discover how Mastery of Temperature across multiple appliances results in perfect salmon.


Master temperature for perfect sourdough. Discover how the perfect balance of heat and humidity results in a light fluffy centre and a perfectly crisp golden crust.



Delicious berries. Ready to eat soon — but not right away. Find out how Soft Freeze Mode helps preserve flavour and nutrients for longer.


Leafy greens last longer In a cool, humid environment. Find out how Fridge Mode helps keep market-fresh greens fresher and crisper for longer.


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At Fisher & Paykel, we believe the kitchen is a social space that brings people together. Turn ingredients into cuisine and make dining in the new dining out with a collection of appliances designed to meet your changing needs. Kitchen Perfection.

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Ultimate Kitchen Solutions

Redefine kitchen performance with food care, wine care and cooking solutions designed for Mastery of Temperature, and dishwashing solutions that deliver perfect results.

The Beauty of Choice

Choose the perfect product style to complement your kitchen aesthetic for complete functionality without compromise on design.

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Design Freedom

Live beyond the work triangle by distributing and integrating appliances into zones that perfectly suit the ways you live, cook and entertain.

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