Mastery of Temperature

We've mastered temperature, so you can create perfect results.

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Mastery of Temperature

Mastery of Temperature is the science behind the art of cooking. It is an understanding of the ways different cooking methods, temperatures and heat types best combine to create perfect flavor and texture, and an insight-led approach to design based on food science, understanding the life lived around our appliances, and our commitment to performance excellence.

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Perfect Results

From a gentle, chocolate-tempering warmth to the intense heat required to sear a perfectly cooked steak, our luxury appliances deliver precision and control right across the temperature spectrum.


Melting chocolate without it becoming grainy calls for a gentle approach, heating on the pan at a consistent temperature below body heat. Induction cooking is ideal for maintaining a perfect 89°F melt.


Broccolini is a subtle ingredient but, with the right cooking techniques, contributes a sweet, earthy taste. Steaming at 212°F for just a few minutes will accentuate the flavor of broccolini while retaining its nutrients.


Scotch fillet is a well-marbled cut, perfect for roasting. Our Roast function sears the meat before introducing a more gentle heat to cook the fillet to perfection. Placing meat fattiest side up will help create the perfect exterior without the need to baste.

Food Insights

For nearly 90 years, we've been studying and real-life testing the ways different cooking methods, temperature, humidity and heat types combine to create optimal flavor and texture. To help you decide which appliance solution best suits your needs, we've packaged some of our insights into ten food stories. Whether you've been cooking all your life or are just starting out, we've mastered temperature, so you can create perfect results.

Perfect Salmon

Perfect salmon requires Mastery of Temperature across multiple appliances. A delicate chill for freshness, a steam for perfect texture, a controlled sear for crisp skin.

Perfect Greens

Steamed greens are healthy greens. Master temperature with steam cooking for maximum flavor, nutrients and that sweet, sweet crunch.

Perfect Sourdough

Master temperature for perfect sourdough. Balance heat and humidity, steam and convection, for a light fluffy centre and a perfectly crisp golden crust.

Perfect Crème Caramel

Perfect crème caramel is the result of Mastery of Temperature. Create a fine caramel with gentle induction, perfect texture with combination steam cooking, and finish with a delicate chill.

Perfect Steak

Master temperature for the perfect steak. A low, slow sous vide for even texture and hold without overcooking. Finish with a perfect sear for color and flavor.

Perfect Fish

Any gift from the sea requires Mastery of Temperature. Steam with a precise balance of temperature and humidity for the perfect flavor and texture required by a centrepiece dish.

Perfect Dumplings

With Mastery of Temperature, you can have dumplings just the way you like them. Cook to perfection with steam or a precise hot-pan sear. Perfectly yum.

Perfect Chocolate

Perfectly tempered chocolate is the result of Mastery of Temperature.­ A precise and gentle melt with induction for perfect texture, with no need for a water bath.

Perfect Tarte Tatin

Perfect Tarte Tatin. Responsive induction for a fine caramel. Then the perfect balance of steam and convection for deliciously caramelised fruit and perfect puff pastry.

Perfect Roast Beef

Roast beef – a tasty, timeless dish that deserves perfect preparation. Master temperature with high steam for tenderness, and medium steam for that perfect crust.

Ultimate Kitchen Solutions

Create a perfect meal and a beautiful kitchen experience by combining cooking appliances that work seamlessly together to deliver Mastery of Temperature. Whatever you are cooking, the secret to success lies in the science of temperature and humidity. By understanding which technique, temperature and heat type you need to create perfect flavor and texture, you can choose the best appliance solution to suit your needs. Combine steam, sous vide, induction and gas appliances to create a cooking solution that perfectly suits the way you shop, cook and entertain.

Combination of a Conventional and Steam Oven in Black with Silver Detailing Set into Black Cabinetry.


Choosing steam gives a chef the ability to cook dishes that are full of flavor, while preserving vitamins, minerals and textures. As a conductor of heat, steam is around eight times more efficient than dry heat (convection), which means reduced cooking times and lower cooking temperatures. With combination steam cooking, you can balance convection and steam with exceptional temperature accuracy, ideal for perfect roasting and the creation of a centrepiece dishes such as a whole-cooked snapper or salmon.

Combination of a Conventional and Steam Oven in Black with Silver Detailing Set into Black Cabinetry.

Sous Vide

Choosing sous vide removes the guesswork from cooking, so you can create perfect flavor and texture consistently. While sous vide means "under vacuum", the real hero of this cooking method is not the vacuum sealing of food (made effortless using a Fisher & Paykel vacuum seal drawer) but the precise control and uniformity of temperature afforded by the combination steam oven. Seal and sous vide premium cuts of meat to your preferred degree of edge-to-edge "doneness". Prepare in advance and hold without overcooking until you are ready to sear and serve.

Combination of a Conventional and Steam Oven in Black with Silver Detailing Set into Black Cabinetry.


A quick sear over high heat adds to the appearance, flavor and texture of food. While traditionally gas has been the medium of heat preferred by chefs for searing and other cooktop techniques, today induction technology is increasingly popular for the efficiency, responsiveness and precision it brings to the kitchen. Whichever solution you choose, our cooktops provide fingertip control of temperature, so you can achieve a perfect high heat sear while limiting splitting and avoiding burning.

Combination of a Conventional and Steam Oven in Black with Silver Detailing Set into Black Cabinetry.


From very high heats to very low, the contemporary cooktop is a kitchen workhorse that often plays a key role in preparing ingredients or finishing dish components. From melting chocolate at the exact low temperatures required for perfect tempering, to slowly sweating and sweetening onions, garlic, shallots and other humble vegetables into a flavorful mirepoix, sofrito or passata, low temperature cooking is best undertaken with the control and accuracy of responsive heat.

Cooking Solutions

From weekday convenience to weekend gourmet, we design for the life lived around our appliances. Combine steam, convection, gas or induction appliances to create a cooking solution that delivers exceptional performance.

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