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Our Product Design Team

Shane Product Development General Manager Cooking at Fisher & Paykel


Product Development General Manager Cooking (Auckland, NZ)

A Maurice Paykel Scholarship recipient, Shane first joined Fisher & Paykel as a graduate in 2001. He left in 2004 to gain overseas experience in the UK and returned to our NZ-based Product Development team a couple of years later. He's had an exciting career since, involved in a variety of ground-breaking projects that led him to become Group Chief Engineer before taking up an exciting Vice President of Product role in Costa Mesa, California.

Today, Shane is Product Development General Manager Cooking based at our East Tamaki Head Office and is as excited as ever about what the future holds at F&P. From his humble beginnings as a model maker for fridge prototypes, Shane's had the chance to immerse himself in industry-leading work in research and development. Every step of the way he has admired how strongly the spirit of innovation shines at Fisher & Paykel, with no idea a bad one.

Reflecting on his growth over the past 20 years, Shane says, “Fisher & Paykel is full of opportunity. I could never have predicted where my career has ended up going – it's changed and grown so much, and I've had loads of learning along the way. There's so much to do here, you just have to stay open and say ‘yes’.

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Geoff Product Design Manager of Laundry at Fisher & Paykel


Product Design Manager – Laundry (Auckland, NZ)

A fitter & turner by trade and motorcycle racer on the weekends, Geoff's first role under the F&P umbrella brought him to New Zealand from the UK in 2004. Later, as a Design Engineer he travelled to China to work on Front Loader washer products – a unique opportunity to conquer new challenges and refine his approach. Geoff recalls his time in China as being eye-opening, not only in exploring a new culture, but in understanding the vast scope of opportunity at F&P. It was while in China that Geoff decided he wanted to become a Chief Engineer; a goal he set and met swiftly, applying the same mindset he's used with bike racing over the years. For 17 years, he's taken on new challenges, gone into the pit and come out stronger.

Geoff sees F&P as a place where anybody can shine. Through sheer hard work and determination, he's enjoyed a variety of leadership roles his younger self never thought possible. “This is very much a place where if you show capability, opportunities will come. Case in point, my career – my only qualification is as a Fitter & Turner. I've worked hard from the beginning, always given it my all, and opportunities have come as a result. I've said yes each time, and it just keeps getting better.

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Alex Product Development Engineer at Fisher & Paykel


Product Development Engineer (Dunedin, NZ)

Alex joined Fisher & Paykel as a graduate in 2013, before leaving to experience more of the world. He returned to our Dunedin office three years later and joined the Cooking Systems Cavity team doing a bit of everything, from CAD design to prototyping and testing.

Alex has always been a creative person and enjoyed problem solving. “Fisher & Paykel was somewhere I could freely express my ideas and really challenge myself. Having grown up in the countryside I always loved the outdoors, and the Dunedin site is a great place to be as the outdoors are so accessible. It's one of the few high-profile companies in the world where a good work/life balance can be achieved.

One of Alex's highlights during his time here was visiting F&P Mexico, one of our offshore manufacturing facilities, where he had the chance to get familiar with how our parts and products are built and assembled. “Fisher & Paykel not only fosters a friendly culture and promotes a healthy work–life balance but also invests in my personal development. During my time here, I've had the opportunity to participate in a range of courses such as speechcraft, TIG welding, plastics, and simulation, among others. If you're looking to expand your skill set, Fisher & Paykel is a great place to do so.

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Gangi Product Development Functional Leader at Fisher & Paykel


Product Development Functional Leader (Dunedin, NZ)

Gangi joined Fisher & Paykel in 2018 as Functional Leader for the Oven & Range Structures team, designing and developing cooking appliances. He then stepped into his current role as Functional Leader of the Customer Interfaces team where he develops customer interfaces on cooking appliances.

Drawn to F&P by the innovative design culture, Gangi loves that he's seen our human-centred brand ethos come to life in more than just product design, describing the culture as “diverse and inclusive with a global mindset.” Gangi resonates with all five of our core values, particularly Curious and Innovative. “Our purpose and values speak to how we design and develop products with people in mind and the life lived around our products.

Working with passionate colleagues to develop emerging cooking products with market differentiating Visual Brand Language is Gangi's highlight of working at F&P, and to anyone considering a career here he says, it's a “Great opportunity to be part of a wonderful culture. Bring your passion and unleash your potential.

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Renu Senior Manager Product Development at Fisher & Paykel


Senior Manager Product Development (Thailand)

Renu joined Fisher & Paykel at the start of 2023 to build and lead a new Product Development team based at our manufacturing site in Thailand. She saw a chance to step into a pivotal leadership role, working on innovative projects and collaborating with talented teams across Thailand and New Zealand, to support the expansion of our global business.

Renu's onboarding process included a stint in New Zealand, giving her the chance to deeply understand how our values and purpose shape the organisational culture. At Fisher & Paykel, creativity and innovation are deeply woven into our ways of working. It is this ethos that emphasises our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering an environment where every voice is valued and trusted. As Renu puts it, “Fisher & Paykel places a strong emphasis on the human-centred approach to product design and development, which involves placing the needs and experiences of customers at the forefront of their product development process.

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Jim Product Development Engineer at Fisher & Paykel


Product Development Engineer (Auckland, NZ)

During his four and a half years at Fisher & Paykel, Jim has had the privilege of working alongside true experts in their field, giving him opportunities to overcome design challenges and foster personal growth. He spends his time creating design solutions for our refrigeration products and has had the opportunity to take on leadership roles developing key features for new products.

Jim was drawn to Fisher & Paykel because he knew the brand, he was familiar with the way we work, and he felt a connection to our values – specifically Curiosity and Innovation. A strong advocate for sustainability, he appreciates being part of a company that prioritises this at the heart of our goals. He can see first-hand how our brand's commitment to sustainability impacts the decisions we make about the next generation of products. This helps him develop as an engineer and maximise his strengths.

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Our Product Management Team

Zoey GM of Product Line of Cooking at Fisher & Paykel


GM of Product Line – Cooking (Auckland, NZ)

Zoey began her career at Fisher & Paykel as an intern in 2007. She worked as an Electronics Engineer for six years before working her way up to Group Chief Engineer in 2018. In November 2019, she made the move from Dunedin to Auckland taking on the role of General Manager – Cooking Product Line.

In every role Zoey has had over the past 14 years at F&P, she's been blown away by the opportunities and mentorship offerings, as well as the 'family feel' culture at the company. Generous is her favourite company value, as it's one she's seen embodied time and time again. Zoey feels she's on a continuous learning journey at F&P and credits the generosity of time from peers and mentors for empowering her to constantly learn and progress. Zoey was 27 when she became Chief Engineer, our youngest ever at the time – an achievement she's especially proud of within a male-dominated industry.

Excited about the future at F&P, Zoey says, “Not a lot of companies are truly global – being under the Haier umbrella but headquartered in New Zealand is unique and opens up opportunities not just here but abroad. Ours is a culture where people thrive.

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Katrina General Manager of Refrigeration Product Line at Fisher & Paykel


Executive Vice President Product Lines (Auckland, NZ)

Immersed in design-led roles her entire career, Katrina joined Fisher & Paykel as a Global Product Manager in 2018 and quickly progressed to General Manager - Refrigeration Product Line. An active member of our employee-led Gender Inclusion and Diversity network, Katrina loves that there is a strong and consistent company-wide belief in our Purpose & Values. “It's never about personal agenda. Everything here is team-based, and everyone is super generous with their time. We're actively encouraged to seek out others' guidance and insight – it's such a great way to learn.

Katrina's role touches a broad spectrum, end-to-end from smart product development and design to communications and marketing. Driven by commercial success in the long term, Katrina loves that her leadership role still allows her to work hands-on with our products, spending a lot of time with Engineers to figure out what's likely to work and when. Involved in numerous projects, a typical day for her involves lots of talking, listening, and shaping the direction of future product development.

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Our Sales Team

Riki Area Manager at Fisher & Paykel


Area Manager (Christchurch, NZ)

Riki joined Fisher & Paykel seven years ago with a desire to advance his sales career. He says it's a privilege to be able to take world-class products and market them in New Zealand where they are designed. During his time here, Riki has represented the Haier brand as well as Fisher & Paykel.

Riki supports our customers around the South Island by facilitating product and sales training, as well as planning and executing in-store display experiences. He's also the first line of support for day-to-day business queries from his customer base. He sees opportunities to bring to life the statement 'creating moments of delight' in our customers as well as users of our products. Being a problem solver at heart, Riki aligns closely with our values of Curiosity and Innovation, which are brought to life in his interactions with our customers.

Being a human-centered business, Riki appreciates the culture at Fisher & Paykel, the opportunity he has had to give back to his community and being able to find a balance between his role and spending quality time with his family.

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Briana Design Development Manager at Fisher & Paykel


Design Development Manager (New York City, USA)

A stalwart of the kitchen and bathroom industry, Briana joined F&P in 2016 as a Product Specialist, she became the NYC Experience Centre Manager in 2017 and moved into her current role as Design Development Manager in mid-2021. Excited by the vastness of her territory and its growth opportunities, Briana believes that F&P has something different to offer, starting with good design. She loves hosting design events and making lasting connections among the community of architects and specifiers she works with.

Describing her experience at F&P so far, she says, The brand is cool, the people are great, and we're growing fast. I really value the ability to be my authentic self, something that has been fostered by leadership. We are all encouraged to be ourselves, to make impactful decisions within our functional groups, and to be open and honest. Our culture is a huge part of what makes F&P such a great place to work.

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Barbara Design Development Manager at Fisher & Paykel


Design Development Manager (New York City, USA)

Based in New York City, Barbara fills her day engaging with designers, architects and developers who are looking to specify products for their projects. She works remotely but loves that we have a showroom within walking distance of her apartment, showcasing our ‘absolutely beautiful’ products.

Of our five values, Barbara most closely connects with Curious, Trusted and Generous. Curious speaks to who she is as a person – always asking questions to better understand a situation or person – and Trusted and Generous are core to how she nurtures relationships. Barbara enjoys deep diving into projects, understanding the who, what and why to create innovative, sustainable solutions, and is particularly proud to do so alongside our incredible Marketing team.

Relationship building is a core aspect of Barbara's role, and her favourite. As she describes, Our culture here in North America is truly fantastic. We are such a cohesive team, all so helpful and inclusive with each other. Between leadership, culture, and true joy in what she does, Barbara says, I seriously wake up each and every day wanting to give the best of me!

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Isabella Builder Development Manager at Fisher & Paykel


Builder Development Manager (Auckland, NZ)

With a Bachelor of Food Science and a Bachelor of International Business, Isabella was destined to join Fisher & Paykel. Growing up with the brand she had an eye on our business and was waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Isabella joined us three years ago, starting off in a Customer Success position and later moving into her current role as a Business Development Manager operating in the group home building sector.

Isabella's time is split between the office in Auckland, working from home and out visiting customers across the North Island of New Zealand. She partners with her customers to provide the right appliance solutions for new home builds. Moving from a Customer Success role into her current position has allowed Isabella to understand the full customer journey. She loves that at F&P, we pride ourselves on being human-centered and can see how this influences not only our design thinking, but the way we support our customers and the trust we put in our people.

She is proud that Curious is one of our core values as it sits nicely with her inquisitive nature and feeds her creativity.

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Our Digital & IT Team

Sarah GM Digital at Fisher & Paykel


GM Digital (Auckland, NZ)

Sarah returned to New Zealand after spending 18 years working in London's fashion industry and joined Fisher & Paykel as GM Digital in 2019. Appliances are a very different ball game to Fashion, but the world of Digital is where Sarah's expertise lies and she was thrilled to find a local opportunity that still played on a global scale, while affording great work/life balance.

Sarah is excited to be a part of the F&P story as we grow and adapt to an increasingly digitised world. Our core values Trusted and Generous resonate closely with her, and she sees these played out at work every day. “There's a real mindset of stewardship, constant questioning and curiosity, and a willingness to help that I haven't seen elsewhere. It was a big deal starting in a new industry and I felt like I was starting from scratch in many ways. People here are so generous with their time – it really eased the transition, and as time has gone on, I've continued to learn so much. I love too that we have such a flexible approach to working, and view productivity in terms of outcomes achieved rather than time spent at a desk.

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Megan GM Product Line of Connected Ecosystems at Fisher & Paykel


GM Product Line - Connected Ecosystems

Growing up not far from our Auckland offices, Megan, like many New Zealanders, was aware of Fisher & Paykel's heritage and history before she joined us in mid-2021. As the General Manager of our Connected Ecosystem product line, Megan is leading our business in leveraging the internet of things to connect our physical products with the digital world. She does this with a deep focus on our customers, purpose, and design principles to determine the experiences that are truly human-centered. She says that the opportunity to draw on her own experience in the international tech sector and digitally connect with customers through familiar products is part of what motivated her to join us.

Being in a global role at F&P, Megan appreciates the flexibility to work from home or in the office, as and when it suits best. This gives her time to dedicate to her family and moonlight as a course facilitator on the Stanford Graduate School of Business Design Thinking program. Whilst she loves being able to interact with our products hands-on at our East Tamaki Design Centre, she appreciates that a virtual office gives her the space to do her best work.

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Our Customer Experience (CX) Team

Declan Technical & Training Manager, Customer Experience at Fisher & Paykel


Technical & Training Manager, Customer Experience (Ireland)

Based in Dublin, Declan has been the Technical & Training Manager for our Ireland Customer Experience team since 2011. His role involves resolving ongoing issues for customers, providing service training for a team of 28 and ensuring we have parts on-hand to cover service callouts. Being a smaller operation, Declan also provides cover for the warehouse, putting his forklift license to good use over holidays and helping the team out when they need a hand.

More than a decade on from joining, Declan still feels excited about his future at F&P. “Continued development of me personally, and technically with new appliances” means the role never feels old, and Declan thrives on the diversity and challenge of working for a global brand that has continued to grow and evolve throughout his time. “When I first started, it was very warm and family-oriented. We're more driven now towards achieving Premium Service – I can feel my contribution in the work I'm doing.

A true family man, Declan also loves that he can balance work with home. “The job/life balance is as good as it gets. This is the longest time I've spent working with one company, and hopefully will see me through to retirement.

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Latasha Trade Partner Support Manager at Fisher & Paykel


Trade Partner Support Manager (Los Angeles, USA)

Latasha first joined Fisher & Paykel as a Sales Administrator in 2006. She worked her way through various roles from Sales Support Supervisor to Sales Operations Supervisor, before stepping into her current position as Trade Partner Support Manager in 2020. Providing a priority service for key customers in the North America market, Latasha fields a variety of inquiries every day from requests for parts, service claims to installation and specification queries.

Originally drawn by our global presence and beautiful products, Latasha loves our “fun and relaxed culture”, and that she gets to be a part of creating a service that grows our business every day. "I enjoy my colleagues and the flexibility as life happens. It shows just how much the company cares and supports their people. With all the efforts to ensure our employees are safe and healthy, physically and mentally with our ‘new normal', it really shows how human-centred we are as a company.

For anyone looking to grow in a company that is fun, has a great culture, invests in their employees and has amazing products, Fisher & Paykel is the place to be.

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