Fabric Care

Enjoy ready–to–wear convenience with a fabric care solutions designed for specialised care for the modern wardrobe. Take care of delicates, durables, and everything in between, while bringing exceptional water and energy efficiency to your laundry.

Love your laundry

The modern wardrobe is an investment that deserves specialised care. Love your laundry with luxury fabric care solutions that conveniently and intelligently help you care even better, care for longer, and care in new ways.

Ultimate Fabric Care Solutions

Enjoy ready–to–wear convenience with fabric care solutions designed to bring tailored care to all corners of the modern wardrobe. Extend the life and condition of delicate silks, activewear, organic cottons and linens. Care for structured garments more conveniently, including leather, woollen coats and outerwear, with the intelligent Fabric Care Cabinet that brings greater efficiency to your laundry.

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Steam care washers

Prioritise life over laundry with Steam Care washers that bring new levels of fabric care convenience to your daily routine. Refresh, revive and restore garments without detergent or a full wash cycle, for the ultimate in ready–to–wear convenience.

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Carbon Impact

With a critical focus on carbon emissions, we are seeking to address the urgency of the climate crisis with speed and scale in multiple areas of our business. See our Carbon Impact Statement for details about our carbon emissions goals, strategy and roadmap.

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The Science
of Fabric Care

From the fine weaves of lustrous silks, to organic cotton staples, the functional blends of activewear, and more structured woollen garments, the range of fabrics that makes up the modern wardrobe is rich and diverse. At Fisher & Paykel, our approach to appliance design is underpinned by the Science of Fabric Care – insights, research and real–life testing into fibre qualities, fabric composition and garment construction, to deliver the best of care.

Complete Fabric Care

Different fabrics have different strengths – and different weaknesses. Structural composition, the characteristics of fibre, weave and knit, all play a role in determining a garment's ideal method of care. The best laundry appliances go beyond exceptional cleaning performance to care gently and effectively for every corner of the wardrobe, so the garments you love remain in optimal condition for longer.


Silk is a lightweight, luxurious fabric with an incredible drape and lustre. It is also heat sensitive. Our commitment to complete fabric care has resulted in the perfect low temperature washing and drying cycles required to preserve silk's beautiful qualities.


Wool is durable and generally requires less washing than other fabrics. Machine washing wool is often approached with trepidation, however gentle washing with our Woolmark™ approved wash cycle can help retain a garment's lustre and natural softness.


From delicates to organic linen and cotton staples, and activewear to outerwear, enjoy the convenience of Steam Care appliances every day. Refresh, sanitise, dry and deodorise with effective and less–intensive solutions that reduce wear on your favourite garments.


Take the guesswork out of washing with SmartDrive™ technology – washers that intelligently adjust cycle action for better fabric care and water efficiency, washing for just the right amount of time, rinsing with just the right amount of water and spinning at the ideal speed for the most efficient and effective drying.

Close up shot of Steam Care Front Loader panel showing wash cycle options

Steam Care Front Loaders

Refresh, revive, respect. Use Steam Care to quickly and efficiently refresh and revive garments without detergent or a full wash cycle, leaving them smelling fresh and ready to wear. As a less-intensive refresh option that saves water and reduces wear on your favourite garments, steam is kind on your clothes and more gentle on the environment.

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Clothes tumbling inside a Steam Care Heat Pump Dryer

Heat Pump Dryers

Designed with sensing technology and reverse tumble action, Heat Pump Dryers dry clothes faster and more gently at lower temperatures. With auto–;sensing technology to avoid over–drying your clothes and an 8–star energy rating, there are even more reasons to love your laundry.

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View of Fabric Care Solutions set - Fabric Steam Care Cabinet- Steam Washer and Dryer

A Fabric care ecosystem

Today, an architectural laundry or luxury wardrobe system can be an Ultimate Fabric Care Solution. The Steam Care washer, Heat Pump dryer, and Fabric Care Cabinet are designed as a modular system with matching aesthetics and performance features, allowing you to extend your home's architectural approach to your fabric care solution for complete design freedom.

Care for every corner of your wardrobe

From weekday routines to weekend occasions, the fabric care requirements of our garments are rich and extensive. Today, there's also an imperative for laundry solutions that use less energy, less water and less detergent. An Ultimate Fabric Care Solution works seamlessly to provide intuitive, convenient and efficient care for every corner of your wardrobe, so you don't have to choose between perfect results, convenience and environmental impact.

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