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Whether you subscribe to less is more, or less but better, achieving apparent simplicity can be notoriously complex. With design rigour and aesthetic clarity, and every detail and finish perfectly considered, this minimal kitchen evokes a sense of luxurious simplicity.

Shot of the kitchen island + sink
Shot of the Integrated Dishwasher


Any kitchen design is a result of interdependent materials, finishes and products, but in the hands of expert designers, the material palette can be pared back without loss of character. This kitchen is given absolute clarity with one colour – black – and two materials: ‘Old Black Pine’ and Dekton ‘Sirius’. It shows the potential of Minimal Style and integrated appliances within the K14 kitchen system designed by Norbert Wangen.

shot of the kitchen's integrated appliances


Minimal design isn't about the reduction of features; it's about design clarity, technical precision and intuitive performance — so every interaction is a moment of delight. This kitchen's grid of Minimal Style appliances defers attention to the tones and textures of the kitchen landscape. Located near the island's full-surface induction cooktop, which is rebated to sit flush and maintain the continuity of the worksurface, it creates a performance cooking zone.

Shot of the kitchen's integrated appliances and interdependent materials
The kitchen's Integrated Refrigerator


The K14 system enabled the creation of a monochromatic kitchen that is the epitome of simplicity. Nineteen appliances, most seamlessly integrated, are distributed into two architectural elements. The ‘monobloc’ island conceals four integrated DishDrawer™ dishwashers and four CoolDrawer™ modules. The integrated wine Column's inset-glass hints at the hidden depths of the cabinetry, which also conceals Column refrigerator and freezer solutions.

Shot of the Integrated Dishwasher


In any kitchen, integration details are the key to creating an ‘architecture within an architecture’. At the island's end, the facing panel of a CoolDrawer™ rakes back at 45 degrees to create a perfectly mitred seam, maintaining the frameless appearance. The island top's 30–degree bevel is an iconic K14 detail that makes the surface appear to float, while providing ergonomic access to the integrated DishDrawer™ and CoolDrawer™ solutions below.

Project Details


Quiet and refined, the Minimal Style is the perfect complement to our collection of integrated appliances. The singular aesthetic and monochromatic design details blend seamlessly with the kitchen, supporting the clarity and integrity of the architectural concept.

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