Ha Architects turn a modest Melbourne terrace into a home with unexpected spatial relationships, while retaining its heritage façade.

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Project Details


The modest scale of the single-fronted, single-storey terrace is integral to the character of the original architecture. The new work was carried out within the bounds of its original footprint, while a new upper level that contains the primary bedroom is set back 18m and scaled to be invisible from street level. The result is a contrast between the unchanged external façade and the appearance of the new internal spaces.

View from living area to the kitchen and dining space heading to the courtyard

Project Type: Residential home

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Architect: Ha Architecture

Photographer: Dan Hocking


Inside, the spatial remodel plays on this contrast. The central hall is a double-height void, with natural light that filters down into the core of the home via skylight apertures set into the roof. Because opportunities for glazing were limited, the architect created moveable interior shutters in the wall that bring some of this light into the primary bedroom, and allow the residents to control both light and privacy.

View from the side of upstairs includes the living and dining space alongwith the kitchen area


The kitchen and living space create a connection with the outside world through their materiality, the tonal palette and the glazed doors that, when open, make it feel as though dining is taking place in the courtyard. To maximise the modest amount of space available, the design breaks down boundaries between zones. The kitchen is located in the centre, with the dining space on one side and the living on the other.

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