Slow Beam

Anchored into the bedrock of the West Hobart hills, Hearth Studio designed dark rectilinear pavilions which recede amongst the surrounding bush, offering little indication of the treasures that lie within.

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Intriguing Experience

Stepping inside, one enters a space that is dark yet vibrant, and utterly intriguing. “Slow Beam is a unique experience, mostly because of its dark interior in which you feel enveloped and focused on the exterior view”, explains Sarah Trotter of Hearth Studio. Sarah continues, “The house’s interior really enables the framing and composition of the views, even in the evening when the house dissolves around you as the lights of Hobart twinkle in the distance. Then, if you draw the curtains, you get to experience the amazing collection of art and furniture.”

Project Type: Residential

Location: Hobart, Australia

Architect: Hearth Studio

Photographer: Lauren Bamford

Design Freedom

The black kitchen is kept low and streamlined, which was made possible by the specification of the appliances. Integrated under-counter fridge, freezer and DishDrawer™, means the oven and cooktop are the only appliances on display. “Fisher & Paykel really engaged with the design intent of the project making sure we could use black fixtures and deliver the seamless look to the kitchen.”.

I really wanted this project to be as minimal as possible with the kitchen reading more as furniture than as a full working day-to-day kitchen.

A Curated Experience

Integral to Slow Beam’s design was the combination of aesthetics and functionality. Flashes of artwork appear in customised spaces around the house and provides a deep level of engagement. Embracing in the combination of the surrounding nature, scenery, architecture and interior design creates a highly curated experience for the guests of this intriguing accommodation.

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