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Control Button for Oven.

Long - 6 pkt.

Suits Models beginning with: OB60, OR120DD, OR24S, OR36, OR60SD, OR90.

$ 29.00Each
In Stock

Halogen bulb for Wall Oven. 20W.

Suits Models: OB30, OD301/2, OS301/2.

$ 18.00Each
In Stock
This part replaces 545204

LED Bulb for Rangehood.

Suits models ending with: ICSX2, ICSX3, IDCHX2, DCXB3, PCX1, PCB1, PCR1, PCW1, PLX4, XW4.

$ 41.00Each
Out of stock
Single Bulb Only

Bulb Kit for Oven.

Suits Models starting with: OB60C.

$ 41.00Each
Out of stock
Flat brushed aluminium baking tray
$ 70.00
In Stock
Flat brushed aluminium baking tray

This deep roasting tray is ideal for roasting and or grilling. When combined with the grill rack (part no 562360). When combined with the grill rack (part no 561580) this three piece anti-splatter grill system is designed to reduce splatter and smoke. Allowing hot air to circulate around the food giving results similar to rotisserie cooking.

Will suit OB76 models.

$ 87.00
In Stock
For the Grill rack see part no 561580, for the Grill grid see part no 562360

Joining kit strip for cooktops.

Suits Models: CG302; CI302, CI603, CI604, CI754, CI90.

$ 81.00
In Stock

Flat oven shelf 373mm x 445mm.

Suitable for OB60 & OB24 wall oven models with 85L or 55L capacity.

For smaller capacity 71L or 45L ovens, please refer to 574923.

Width 445mm
Depth 373mm
$ 33.00
In Stock
Kit includes 2 sides, top and rear. Suits OB60SC models
$ 79.00
In Stock
Not suitable for use with pyrolytic (self clean) ovens

Hinge for Walloven.

Suits Models: OB60SC7CEX2, OB60SC5CEX2, OB60SC6LEB1.

$ 47.00Each
In Stock

Black matt burner cap for wok outer on Gas Cooktops.

Suits Models: CG365CWACX1, CG602MJET, CG602QJET, CG603MJET, CG603QJET, CG603WC, CG603WFC, CG604CLPX2, CG604CNGX2, CG604CWCX1, CG604DWCX1, CG604DWFCX1, CG901, CG901T, CG902MJET, CG902QJET, CG903MJET, CG903QJET, CG903WFC, CG905CLPX2, CG905CNGX2, CG905DWFCM1, CG905DWFCX1, CG912T, CG913T, DI1200QG, DI1202QG, DI1203DG, GC36WAC, GC9002MJET, GC9002QJET, GC9002QJETFPSS, GC900QJET, GC901, GC912.

$ 35.00Each
In Stock
Note: If you do not find your model number please contact our spare parts department

Black matt semi rapid burner cap for cooktop.

Suits models: CGWAC, CG365CWACX1, CG365DWACX1, GC901, GC912, CG913 88452-A, CG913 88452-B.

$ 21.00Each
In Stock
Note: If you do not find your model number please contact our spare parts department
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