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Door Outer Cover for Washing Machine.

Suits Models: WH7560J3, WH8060J3, WH9060J3.

$ 120.00Each
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Motor Control Module for washing Machine. 230V.

Suits Models beginning with: WA75T56MW1, WA8056G1.

$ 235.00Each
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Clear window only.

Suits most rear venting dryers.

Note: Will not suit models: AD39 and models beginning with DE35, DE40,DE60 and DEIX1. If rear venting dryer outer door rim required see part no 427225P.

$ 40.00Each
In Stock

2 meter long inlet hose for Washing Machine Hot or Cold water.

Notes: Turn hot and cold water faucets off when washer is not in use to relieve pressure on hoses and valves and to minimize leakages if a hose or valve should break or rupture. We recommend the inlet hoses are changed every 5 years.

WARNING: Failure to do so may result in a flood and damage to property.

$ 44.00Each
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Middle Door Cover for Washing Machine.

Suits Models: WH7560J3, WH8060J3, WH9060J3.

$ 52.00Each
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Slotted Door Kit for Dryer Dryer door, rim only.

Does not include window or door catch/strike.

Suits rear venting dryer models.

Models: DE45F56AW1, DE50F56E1, DE50F56A1 & DE50F56A2

Includes: Outer Door, Gasket Door, Butt Hinge

Note: Will not suit models: AD39 and models beginning with DE35, DE40,DE60 and DEIX1

$ 70.00Each
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Deflect-O Flexible Ducting 2.4M x 100mm.

Suits Models:DE4060M1, DE5060G1, DE5060M1, DE6060G1, DE6060P1.

Note: Must be pulled tight to gain optimum airflow efficiency. Is also available in 400mm x 100mm - Part FO401H.

$ 79.00Each
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Lint Filter for Dryer.

Suits Models: DE4060M1, DE4560M1, DE4560M2, DE5060G1, DE5060M1, DE5060M2, DE5060MU1, DE5060MU2, DE6060G1, DE6060M1, DE6060M2, DE6060P1, DE7060G1, DE7060G2, DE7060M1, DE7060M2, DE7060P1, DE7060P2, HDV40A1, HDV50E1, HDV60A1, HDV60E1, HDV70E1, HDY-D60 WH, HDY-E60.

$ 52.00Each
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Suspension Kit Assembly for Washing Machine. Black, 685 (PKT 4)

Suits the following models: WA8060 ending in E1 / P1 WA8060 ending in E1 / G1 / P1 WA7060 ending in E1 / G1 / M1 WA8560 ending in P1 / E1 / G1 WL1068 ending in P1 / G1 WA7560 ending in E1

IMPORTANT! - WILL NOT SUIT THE FOLLOWING MODELS With product codes ending in a B WA8560G1 with product code 92263-B WL8060P1 with product code 92264-B WL1068P1 with product code 93264-B WA1068P1 with product code 92266-B WA7560E1 with product code 92262-B WA8560P1 with product code 93262-B WA1068G1 with product code 93265-B

$ 143.00Each
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Lint Filter Inner for Dryer.

Suits Models: DH8060C1, DH8060P1, DH8060P3, DH9060C1, DH9060FS1, DH9060P1, DH9060P2, DH9060PG2, HDHP80A1, HDHP80E1.

$ 32.00Each
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PCB Display for Washing Machine.

Suits Models: WH8060P2, WH8560P2, WH8560F1, WH8060F1, WM1490F1, WM1280J2, WH7560J3, WH8560J3, WH8060J3.

$ 254.00Each
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***This part replaces 420324P***

Grey 230V Pump for Washing Machine. 230V/50HZ.

Suits Models: GWL10 and IWL09 only.

Not compatible with any other models.

$ 110.00Each
In Stock
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