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Strike for Dryer.
S$ 8.00
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Suspension Kit Assembly for Washing Machine. Black, 485 (PKT 4) Models: WA4127G1, WL8060P1, WA8060P1, WA7060E1/G1/M1, WA8060G1, WA8560P1/E1/G1, WA1060E1/E2, WA7560E1, WL1068P1, WA1069G1/P1, WL4027G1/P1/P2, WA3927P1/G2
S$ 130.00
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Agitator for Top Load Washing Machine.
S$ 69.00
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Duct Adaptor for Dryer Models: DE7060M1, DE7060M2
S$ 25.00
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Spline Drive Kit for Washing Machine Models: WA8060G1, WA1060E1_E2_E3, WA8056G1_M1, WA9060G1
S$ 30.00
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2 meter long inlet hose for Washing Machine Hot or Cold water. Notes: Turn hot and cold water faucets off when washer is not in use to relieve pressure on hoses and valves and to minimize leakages if a hose or valve should break or rupture. We recommend the inlet hoses are changed every 5 years. WARNING: Failure to do so may result in a flood and damage to property
S$ 38.00
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Slotted Door Kit for Dryer Models: DE45F56AW1, DE50F56A1/E1, DE50F56A2
S$ 60.00
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Capacitor 7uF for Dryer 400V Note: Does not suit some older models with an Emmerson (square) motor.
S$ 42.00
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Agitator bolt for top load washers. This bolt attaches the agitator to the machine. Note: There are two types of bolts. This is the bolt used for recent production (2005 onwards). Older machines use part 425059.
S$ 15.00
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Deflect-O Flexible Ducting 2.4M x 100mm Models:DE4060M1, DE5060G1, DE5060M1, DE6060G1, DE6060P1 Note: Must be pulled tight to gain optimum airflow efficiency. Is also available in 400mm x 100mm - Part FO401H
S$ 68.00
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Hinge Cover for Dryer White D5 Models: DE35F56AW1, DE45F56AW1/EW1, DE40F56A1/A2, DE50F56A1/E1/A2
S$ 14.00
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Lint filter for dryer. Models:HD80-01, DE8060, DE4024, HDC80E1
S$ 60.00
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