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Metallic Filter for Rangehood. LGT.

Suits Models beginning with: HP60IDCHX2, HP60IHCB3, HP90IDCHX2, HP90IHCB3.

$ 88.00Each
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Flexible Ducting 125mm. 3.7M.
$ 82.00Each
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Metallic Filter for Rangehood. GTCL 90.

Suits Models: HP90IDCHX3, HP90IDCHEX3.

$ 222.00Each
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Charcoal filters are designed to remove grease and odours from cooking vapours, prior to the cleansed air re-entering the kitchen (when the rangehood is in recirculating mode). Charcoal filters are disposable items and it is recommended that these should be replaced every two months depending on use.

Suits Models beginning with: HS60C, HS90C.

$ 70.00
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2 Filters Included
Aluminum Filter Clip for Rangehood. Square. Suits Model: HC90DCXB3.
$ 170.00Each
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Recirculation Diverter for Rangehood.

Suits Models: HC90DCXB3.

$ 70.00Each
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Aluminum Filter for Rangehood.

Suits Models: HS60CESX3, HS60CIWX3, HS60CSRX3, HS60CSX3, HS60LXW4, HS60LRX4, HS60XW4.

$ 72.00Each
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Lamp Holder for Rangehood.

Suits Models: HC120BCXB2, HC120DCXB1, HC60BCXB2, HC60DCXB1, HC90BCXB2, HC90DCXB1, HC90PCB1, HC90PCR1, HC90PCW1, HC90PCX1, HP60IDCHX2, HP90IHCB3, HS60LRX4, HS60LXW4, HS60XW4, HS90X4, HT90DBX1, HT90GHB2.

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