Burner Cap - Wok Outer, pdp

Burner Cap - Wok Outer

Black matt burner cap for wok outer on Gas Cooktops.

Suits Models: CG365CWACX1, CG602MJET, CG602QJET, CG603MJET, CG603QJET, CG603WC, CG603WFC, CG604CLPX2, CG604CNGX2, CG604CWCX1, CG604DWCX1, CG604DWFCX1, CG901, CG901T, CG902MJET, CG902QJET, CG903MJET, CG903QJET, CG903WFC, CG905CLPX2, CG905CNGX2, CG905DWFCM1, CG905DWFCX1, CG912T, CG913T, DI1200QG, DI1202QG, DI1203DG, GC36WAC, GC9002MJET, GC9002QJET, GC9002QJETFPSS, GC900QJET, GC901, GC912.

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Burner Cap - Wok Outer

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