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Every ingredient deserves the perfect climate. A deep knowledge of the science of food preservation has allowed us to optimize temperature and humidity across our luxury food care solutions — so the care you take when you select premium ingredients is matched in the home with perfect preservation.


Conventional wisdom tells us that food stored cold lasts longer, but every food has an optimal climate for perfect care. Temperature, humidity and storing complementary foods together to slow the ripening process all play a role in keeping food and ingredients fresher and nutritious for longer.


Market–fresh greens such as lettuce, rocket and broccoli benefit from high humidity to maintain their natural moisture and stop them from drying out.


At a temperature just short of freezing, fresh meats, poultry and fish retain their vital freshness for longer, and remain ready to cook without the need to defrost.


While wine ages best when cellared at 10°C to 13°C, different styles of wine have optimal serving temperatures for the full expression of flavor and aroma.

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Perfect cooking begins with perfect cooling. Since 1934, we've been studying and testing the effects of temperature and humidity on preservation, freshness and flavor. View our food care stories to see the potential of Variable Temperature Zones and climate modes — and create an appliance solution to best suit your needs.

Perfect Sourdough

Not too dry, not too cool — signature sourdough has special care requirements. Master temperature with Pantry Mode to retain that light, fluffy centre and crisp golden crust.

Perfect Salmon

Premium salmon likes it cool. Master temperature with Chill Mode to extend freshness and retain perfect texture, delicate flavor and vibrant color for longer.

Perfect Berries

Delicious berries. Ready to eat soon, but not right away. Master temperature with Soft Freeze Mode to preserve berry flavor and nutrients for longer.

Perfect Pears

Most pears ripen best after picking — not on the branch. Fridge Mode provides a cool, controlled ripening climate that helps preserve sweetness and flavor for longer.

Perfect Vegetables

Preserve the health benefits of fresh vegetables well beyond the current season. Lock in nutrients with a quick blanch, then preserve in Freezer Mode at -18°C.

Perfect Tomatoes

Juicy and sweet — but sensitive to cold. Select Pantry Mode for an optimal ripening climate that preserves the best qualities of market–fresh tomatoes for longer.

Perfect Crayfish

Crayfish is a delicacy that likes it cool. Master temperature with Chill Mode and preserve the delicate flavor of the sea at home.

Perfect Steak

Quality cuts deserve the best of care. Select Soft Freeze Mode for a gentle freeze that perfectly balances preservation and convenience.

Perfect Greens

Leafy greens last longer In a cool, humid environment. Master temperature with Fridge Mode to keep your market–fresh greens fresh and crisp for longer.

Perfect Bananas

Bananas are a superfood that often goes to waste. Master temperature with Pantry Mode to enjoy optimal ripening and longer–lasting fruit.

Perfect Beverages

Thirst–quenching drinks in an entertainer's kitchen. Select Chill Mode to get ready for any celebration with extra fast–cooling capacity.

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One temperature doesn't fit every ingredient — and even subtle changes in temperature and humidity can affect the freshness and flavor of food. Variable Temperature Zones are independently controlled climates that evolve refrigeration beyond cooling and freezing. Each zone can be optimized with modes, for a nuanced cooling solution that can enhance everyday convenience or provide safe, longer–term preservation options.

Pantry Mode

Not everything benefits from cold storage. At colder temperatures, tomatoes lose flavor and become watery, cucumbers go mushy and bananas quickly turn black but do not ripen. Many of the most wasted household items are best stored in Pantry Mode (11 to 13°C). It's ideal for bringing tomatoes, bananas and avocados to a perfect state of ripeness, and for storing bread, nuts, grains and cereals that also benefit from a temperate climate.

Fridge Mode

Storing everyday items such as fruit and vegetables, dairy, meats and drinks in Fridge Mode (1 to 6°C) ensures they are ready to consume right away. By regulating humidity with our sealed fruit and vegetable bins you can also create the perfect microclimate for keeping food fresher for longer.

Chill Mode

Designed to keep ready–to–eat food fresher for longer, Chill Mode is the perfect solution for everyday life. Retain the vital freshness of meats, poultry and fish for longer than Fridge Mode, and enjoy extra capacity when you need it for entertaining. Set a zone to Chill Mode to quickly bring drinks down to a perfect serving temperature.

Soft Freeze Mode

Optimal freezing is a question of what you're storing, how fresh it is, and when you plan to consume it. Soft freezing is perfect for food that will be consumed soon but not right away. Set a zone to Soft Freeze Mode and enjoy optimal food storage and everyday convenience. Soft frozen food requires just a quick thaw, not a full defrost, making it ideal for easy portioning and serving straight from the compartment.

Freezer Mode

Freezing is the best cold storage for everyday foods, preserving natural goodness for future use. Freezer Mode at -18°C is ideal for longer term storage, but it also provides the flexibility of bottle chill, fast freeze and deep freeze functions. It is ideal for preserving meat, poultry, seafood, precooked foods, fruit and vegetables — and keeping ice cream set at the perfect consistency.

Deep Freeze Mode

With very low temperatures around -25°C, deep freezing halts bacterial activity, allowing you to store food for months or even years. Freezing food quickly is the key to protecting its quality and retaining nutrients, so they are not lost when defrosting.


“Food shapes our values — and vice versa. We are what we eat, and we eat what we are, whether that means organically farmed, paddock to plate, nose–to–tail, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or simply recognising the importance of a balanced diet. Respect for ingredients, health and nutritional benefits, and the importance of avoiding waste are all trends that are increasingly important and interlinked.”

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Create an architectural kitchen designed around respect for ingredients. Hero your food and wine care solutions with a premium–grade stainless–steel finish, or seamlessly integrate them to create a highly considered bespoke kitchen.

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