Precision Cooking

Bring your design vision to life with distinctive ovens that allow freedom of expression with exceptional performance and cooking precision. Choose from styles with signature design elements that make a bold statement, or a suite of tastefully understated appliances that match perfectly for a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Minimal Style

Celebrating a singular aesthetic to blend seamlessly into the kitchen, Minimal style ovens feature subtle textural and tonal contrasts for a sense of refinement and purity.

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Contemporary Style

A timeless aesthetic featuring clean lines and complementary tonal contrasts. Signature design elements are reflected seamlessly across the style for a suite of ovens that are designed to match.

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Professional Style

Distinctive and bold, Professional style ovens are the perfect interpretation of the commercial kitchen for the home chef. Experience refined performance with stainless steel construction that is built to last.

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Explore the
Performance Story

Pair the science of cooking and the art of cuisine, with ovens designed to help master both temperature and heat. Combine ovens to give absolute precision across a variety of heat types for perfect results. Low heat or high, fast or slow, humid or dry – the ideal cooking experience is the one that gives you options to suit your cooking style.

Pure Performance

Control moisture and temperature with precision and consistency, with Minimal style ovens that exemplify the pure and singular design aesthetic of the style.

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Ovens for
All Occasions

Whether inspired by a favorite cooking method, a hero ingredient, or go-to recipe, knowing what type of heat best suits different types of food opens up endless possibilities.

Be it dry air, gentle steam, or the intense heat of the broiler, the ideal oven gives you the flexibility to cook to your taste. Customizing your heat choice makes it possible to cook a roast to a rare blushing pink, crisp the perfect crust, or slow cook for tender meat that falls off the bone.

Because convection applies a consistent heat from all directions, food cooks faster and more evenly – the reason cookies, pizzas and cakes are baked and not fried.

Turn Heat Into Results

At its heart, cooking is a simple transformation. Using heat, we transform ingredients into a nutritious meal, turn soft dough to crispy cookies, and take foods from pale to golden brown.

There are three methods of applying heat – conduction, convection and radiant – each changing food in different but predictable ways.

Understanding the relationship of how different foods respond to different types of heat helps in selecting the right suite of cooking appliances to match your needs.


An oven's Bake and Fan Bake functions allow reheated food to retain its crunch and crispness without drying it out. Once hot, use the Warm function to keep the food at the perfect temperature.


Baking is an exacting science that brings together temperature, timing and carefully measured ingredients that work together to rise, crisp, brown and firm. Our ovens feature various adaptations of the bake process to cover every scenario.


Much like the outdoor grill, the oven broiler cooks food quickly and under intense heat. A precision Broil function allows you to cook meat to a perfect flame-grilled finish, toast bread crumbs, or melt cheeses atop a lasagne.


Creating convection ovens that cook food evenly every time involves the science of air movement – understanding how air speed, air patterns and where heat is lost and gained affect the cooking process.

Fisher & Paykel leverages generations of expertise in appliance design to create technologies that control the air, providing uniform temperatures, predictable air flows around the oven cavity, and a cooking environment free from hot spots.


To eliminate hotspots and maintain consistent temperature, Fisher & Paykel developed Aerotech™ technology that circulates heat evenly throughout the oven for the perfect result on every shelf.


ActiveVent™ retains and releases moisture from the oven at the right time to create dishes that are succulent and juicy, while cooked to perfection on the outside.

Pyrolytic Self Clean

Pyrolytic self cleaning breaks down grime and grease inside the oven, burning off build-up at high temperatures to keep the oven pristine for the next use.

Midweek Convenience,
Weekend Gourmet

Modern lives are busy, balancing the demands of the working week with the joy of entertaining and socializing on the weekend.

With a deep understanding of the life lived around appliances, Fisher & Paykel creates ovens that provide convenience and speed for daily cooking, featuring advanced technologies to perfect even the most challenging dish.

Versatile Convection

Convection is cooking through the movement of heat. From baking to roasting to steaming, all manner of cuisine can be created with this principle.

Fisher & Paykel draws on a rich heritage of innovation, research and development to craft ovens that give absolute control of temperature throughout the oven cavity, providing flawless multi-shelf cooking.

Telescopic Shelves

Telescopic shelves are beautiful to use, with smooth gliding extension from the oven. Because they sit on sturdy built-in runners, the shelves can fully extend from the cavity, making it easier and safer to use.

Moisture Control

Create the perfect cooking environment with the automatic moisture control of ActiveVent™ technology that retains or releases moisture based on cooking function.

Even Everywhere

AeroTech™ technology removes the guesswork by delivering consistent heat to all corners of the oven, reducing hotspots for the perfect result.

Solo: Convection

Choose from a full range of Solo: Convection ovens for everyday cooking.

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Combi: Convection + Steam

Combination Convection and Steam ovens offer all the advantages of humid and dry heat in the same oven.

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Combi: Convection Speed

Complement your cooking with the speed of microwave convection.

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The Simplicity of Steam

Steam has been a staple cooking technique in fine restaurants the world over for generations – pioneered by chefs and pâtissiers who pushed the boundaries to serve the most tender proteins or bake the perfect loaf.

The reason is simple: cooking with steam is fast, accurate and gentle enough to respect even the most delicate ingredients.

Experience the control, repeatability and certainty of steam in your home kitchen with steam ovens that are made to be the perfect complement to other Fisher & Paykel cooking appliances.

Experience Steam

Steam ovens use the principle of convection to distribute a very even and consistent heat. The humid air ensures dishes are full of flavor, preserving all the vitamins, minerals and textures of even the most delicate ingredients.

Steam is exceptional at holding a stable temperature – key for proofing bread, cooking salmon sous vide, steaming vegetables, retaining tenderness for the perfect roast or setting a delicate crème brûlée.


Because heat is carried in water droplets, steam ovens provide uniform and stable heat around the whole cavity, ideal for dialing in temperature for foods that call for an exact internal temperature for the best result.


The water soluble vitamins and minerals in most vegetables are lost during boiling, or break down when roasting. Steam provides gentle, humid heat to retain the natural goodness of vegetables.

Gentle Intensity

Humid air carries more heat and therefore raises the internal temperature of food faster while keeping the outside from drying out. This means food is cooked faster, and more evenly.

Conventional and Steam Ovens in black with silver detailing set into black cabinetry.

Why Combine?

While all heat cooks food, exceptional culinary creations require a combination of heat types. Pair conventional ovens with steam for the ultimate kitchen solution.