The Beauty of Choice

Modern kitchens are a place of expression, where innovative design creates beautiful and truly bespoke spaces. The best appliances enable customizable solutions, delivering the freedom to bring to life cohesive designs unencumbered by the restraints of size, placement and format.

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Fisher & Paykel appliances are crafted to deliver absolute design freedom through the choice of different aesthetic styles and configurations, forming the foundation of beautifully considered kitchens.

Styles Combined to Match

Choose from one of five unique design styles, or combine to create a kitchen aesthetic that matches your design vision. Complete the look using handles and panels to customize appliances for a suite that is designed to match.

Showcase or Hide

Hero a single centerpiece appliance or showcase your chosen style with a full suite of Contemporary, Professional, or Classic appliances. Using Integrated and Minimal styles, blend appliances into the kitchen seamlessly allowing the kitchen materials to make a cohesive design statement.


Handles deliver signature design details that give true continuity to the kitchen. No matter the style, customizing appliances with handles in your choice of style completes the kitchen and creates a unified look.

Doors and Drawers

Choose crafted stainless steel doors and drawers to match a suite of stainless appliances, or celebrate the continuity of your kitchen cabinetry with panel-ready Integrated style appliances.

Bring Your
Design Vision to Life

Five refined design styles give you the freedom to create the kitchen that complements your design aesthetic, perfectly fits the space and turns daily routines into beautiful rituals.


Celebrate a singular aesthetic for appliances that blend seamlessly into the kitchen.



Luxury appliances featuring clean lines and complementary tonal contrasts for a timeless aesthetic.



Seamlessly integrated and tastefully understated to let your design vision take center stage.



Bring the commercial kitchen to your home with appliances that are distinctive, bold and uncompromising.



Blending a heritage aesthetic with modern performance.


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