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Curated Combinations

The range is a unique appliance, a powerful visual statement that combines different cooking methods. Choose the style that best reflects the aesthetic vision for your kitchen, and pair with your chosen combination of gas, induction and convection fuel technologies to complement your cooking style.

Contemporary Style Stainless Steel Range Oven.

Contemporary Style

Representing a timeless aesthetic featuring clean lines and complementary tonal contrasts, Contemporary ranges carry all the signature design features of this hallmark style – the perfect match for the modern kitchen.

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Professional Style Stainless Steel Range Oven.

Professional Style

Our Professional style ranges are distinctive and bold appliances. Clever LED halo-illuminated dials provide heat information at a glance, while the exceptional power of the burners gives refined performance.

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Classic Style Black Range Oven.

Classic Style

Experience the perfect blend of a heritage aesthetic with modern performance in a Classic range. Choose by color and by preferred cooking performance, so the right appliance becomes the centerpiece of your unique kitchen.

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Make A Statement

Accept no compromise in looks or performance. Professional style ranges are made to bring the aesthetic and power of the commercial kitchen to your home.

Professional Ranges

Beautiful To Use

When we cook, we take pride in the food we make and share. It is the same feeling we get when working with the best cooking appliances.

It is the feeling we get from perfectly balanced temperature dials that give the right friction and feedback when they are turned, or the cool feel of stainless steel that communicates quality of craftsmanship.

Fisher & Paykel ranges are designed not just to be stunning showpieces in any kitchen, but also to deliver a beautiful experience with every use.

Turn Heat into Results

At its heart, cooking is a simple transformation. Using heat, we transform ingredients to a nutritious meal, turn soft dough to crispy cookies, and take foods from pale to golden brown.

Understanding the relationship of how different foods respond to different types  of heat helps in selecting the right suite of cooking appliances to match your needs.


Baking is an exacting science that brings together temperature, timing and carefully measured ingredients that work together to rise, crisp, brown and firm. Our products feature various adaptations of the bake process to cover every scenario.


Much like the outdoor grill, the oven broiler cooks food quickly and under intense heat. A precision Broil function allows you to cook meat to a perfect flame-grilled finish, toast bread crumbs, or crisp cheeses atop a lasagne.


Searing requires intense heat to bring oils and fats to temperature in an instant. We know instinctively when steak is seared at the right heat from the sizzle as it hits the pan. Flash frying with healthy fats or oils browns and caramelizes the outside of the steak, melting fats and sealing the exterior so the steak cooks from the inside.


Creating convection ovens that cook food evenly every time involves the science of air movement – understanding how air speed, air patterns and where heat is lost and gained affect the cooking process.

Fisher & Paykel leverages generations of expertise in appliance design to create technologies that control the air, providing uniform temperatures, predictable air flows around the oven cavity, and a cooking environment free from hot spots.

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To eliminate hotspots and maintain consistent temperature, Fisher & Paykel developed Aerotech™ technology that circulates heat evenly throughout the oven for the perfect result on every shelf.

Pyrolytic Self Clean

Pyrolytic self cleaning breaks down grime and grease inside the oven, burning off build-up at high temperatures to keep the oven pristine for the next use.

Cook Instinctively

Cooking above a flame invokes something deep in our senses, something that is not just learned but felt.

We know it instinctively when we feel the heat from the burner, see the color and size of the flame, and the hear sound of food as it cooks in the pan.

For chefs around the world, cooking with gas allows them the freedom to follow traditional cooking techniques, or to innovate to create new dishes and flavors. Guided by their senses, they can truly push culinary boundaries.

The Theater Of Gas Cooking

Gas ranges are designed to put the power and control back in the hands of the chef, allowing them to customize heat delivery to suit their own preferences and style of cooking.

The flame itself becomes the visual indicator of its intensity, its spread across the bottom of the pan showing where the most heat is being distributed.

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Char vegetables over the open flame, flambé coq au vin in a rich cognac, or sauté mushrooms to bring out fragrant earthy flavors. The versatility of gas is what makes it the choice of professional kitchens the world over.


When timing each component of a dish is critical, the power of gas cooktops comes to the fore. Whether wok cooking or deep frying, Fisher & Paykel gas cooktops provide exceptional power for perfect results.


Using gas allows you to be more responsive in your cooking. Precision settings allow you to dial in the perfect heat to match your cooking technique and ingredients.

Modern Heritage

Make a Fisher & Paykel range the centerpiece of your considered kitchen. Choose the style that best fits your design vision to give your home a touch of refinement with modern performance.

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