Mermaid Beach House

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Project Details


Echoing the existing terracotta roof, terracotta louvres were used as exterior balustrades as well as overhead to provide shelter from the sun. Inside, terracotta floor tiles stretch out underfoot, and a brise-soleil of terracotta breezeblocks creates a semi-permeable privacy screen between the grand, pivoting front door, and the rest of the open-plan downstairs space, generating a sense of grounding and arrival.

Ridge Residence Fisher and Paykel

Project Type: Coastal Renovation

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Architect: Maher Design

Photographer: Andy Macpherson

a cave-like cocoon


The open-plan area is the practical and emotional heart of Mermaid Beach House. While its scale is generous, Geraldine's careful consideration of spatial sequences results in a room with multiple functions and feelings; some are intimate, such as the table for two with unimpeded views to the beach, while others are designed to be more public and enveloping.

dark earth tone matches minimalist fisher and paykel kitchen appliances
Integrated fisher and paykel fridge freezer matches the dark charcoal timber cabinetry


An eight-meter-long bench is now the physical conduit between the kitchen's work zones and the bar area. Two single DishDrawer™ dishwashers are integrated into its inner side, and two integrated CoolDrawer™ modules for drinks were installed at the bar end. Using these appliances gave Geraldine the opportunity to raise the joinery off the ground on a terracotta plinth, so it resembles a piece of furniture as opposed to kitchen cabinetry.

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