Born and raised outdoors

Perfecting the art of grilling since 1989. The DCS story is shaped by the pioneering spirit and outdoor lifestyle of our foundation in Southern California.

The Perfect Heat

Take charge of your tools. Select the best cut. Master the temperature. Choose your method. Control the heat. Coax out the flavours. Deliver exceptional results with exceptional control.

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Your outdoor kitchen is your workshop

Where purpose and focus meet, the
DCS Series 9 Grill brings unparalleled power and precision. Where instinct guides, ingredients transform. Handcrafted for real cooks, it's where steak earns its stripes.

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Carbon Impact

With a critical focus on carbon emissions, we are seeking to address the urgency of the climate crisis with speed and scale in multiple areas of our business. See our Carbon Impact Statement for details about our carbon emissions goals, strategy and roadmap.

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The Complete
Outdoor Kitchen

Create your ideal outdoor lifestyle with grills and complementary products that are designed to match and work together as one.


The centrepiece of your outdoor kitchen. DCS grills smoke, sear, rotisserie, bake and slow cook for all–round exceptional cooking performance. Match your skill with the ultimate in outdoor grilling.


The versatile DCS Cart comes in a range of sizes to suit your grill head. Create a compact, transportable outdoor kitchen solution wherever you choose.


Store all your cookout essentials close at hand. From doors and drawers to a trash bin and dry pantry, DCS offers customisable storage solutions to meet your needs.

Professional Results

Explore precise performance when creating professional results, from searing to slow roasting, smoky to clean and everything in-between.

Beautiful to Use

Experience equipment that beautifully balances design and functionality allowing you to always be in control.

Designed to Fit

Create your ideal outdoor lifestyle with grills and complementary products that are designed to match and work together as one.

Respect for Food

Customise and fine tune every aspect of outdoor cooking to respect the provenance of the finest ingredients.

Built to Last

Robust hand-finished 100% stainless steel construction with exceptional warranties for peace of mind. Made from durable materials designed to withstand high temperatures and all types of weather.

Entertain In Style

Modern homes are a celebration of cohesion and flow – one space a continuation of the next, with features designed to complement or contrast adjacent rooms for a home that is both beautiful and functional.

The outdoor kitchen hinges on these principles. By extending the cooking and living experience beyond the traditional bounds of the indoor kitchen, these spaces are becoming increasingly connected and complementary.

Indoor and Outdoor cooking solutions

From indoor to outdoor

Fisher & Paykel and DCS cooking solutions are designed to transition seamlessly from the indoor to the outdoor kitchen.

It is a showcase of flexibility, continuity and quality in every aspect of cooking and design.

People socialising

Catering by Combination

The spacious interior of the DCS grill makes cooking simple, whether preparing a meal for two or catering for large groups. Time rotisserie roasts to coincide with side dishes cooked to perfection in Fisher & Paykel convection or steam ovens.

Front View of Outdoor Stainless Steel Grill Countertop atop Wooden Cabinetry Matching Furniture

Culinary creativity

At the heart of the outdoor kitchen, the grill is designed to complement the functionality of kitchen cooking appliances. It allows cooks to experiment with the techniques of searing, rotisserie, and slow cooking in ways that cannot be expressed indoors.

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