Pioneers. Since 1989

The DCS story is shaped by the pioneering spirit and outdoor lifestyle of its foundation in the warm climate of Southern California.

The Perfect Heat

Take charge of your tools. Select the best cut. Master the temperature. Choose your method. Control the heat. Coax out the flavors. Deliver exceptional results with exceptional control.

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Handcrafted for Real Cooks

The DCS grill is designed for unparalleled functionality and power. Hand-finished to exceptionally high standards, these grills are built to withstand the demands of the serious cook and last the test of time.

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Your Outdoor Kitchen

DCS offers flexible design solutions with a range of outdoor kitchen products for a completely transportable or built-in outdoor kitchen to seamlessly fit your space.

Professional Results

With an obsessive focus on cooking, we design and engineer grills that deliver perfect results — from a well-seared steak to meltingly tender ribs. Intuitive to use, innovative in their design and built to stand the test of time, DCS sets the standard in outdoor kitchens for serious cooks.

Bone-in Rib-Eye Steaks Being Seared atop a Stainless Steel Grill


The perfect sear requires an extreme heat and even temperatures across the cooking surface. Searing develops and deepens the flavours of meat, while the inside remains tender. DCS grills give cooks the power and control to achieve restaurant quality results.

Close Up of Roasted Whole Chickens Being Glazed on Rotisserie Grill


The rotisserie is one of the most effective ways to achieve the perfect crispy crust on roasts with absolute consistency. Rotisserie cooking calls for a high-quality power source – strong burners capable of keeping the grill cavity at a high and even temperature for meats that are cooked through to perfection.

Braised Lamb on a Wooden Block Being Pulled Apart With Two Forks


Nothing showcases the versatility of a DCS grill like braising. Take the grill to full power for an aggressive sear, before dialling the temperature back to low heats with incredible consistency to achieve the slow and even cooking that makes for a perfect tender braise every time.

Quality in Every Detail

Quality is not just seen, but felt. It is the experience, the ease of use and the attention to detail that make every action in the cooking process seamless. DCS grills are the purest expression of this philosophy.

Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, they are built to withstand the demands of serious cooks and all the rigours of outdoor cooking.

This robust construction combines with precision engineering to make every movement and function feel effortless.

It is this obsession with the detail that makes every DCS grill beautiful to use and built to last.

Stainless Steel Construction

Real, solid, hardwearing and hand-finished materials speak to the unrivalled quality of DCS grills. Built from heavy-duty 304 grade stainless steel, with precision-welded and hand-finished joints, DCS delivers a premium finish and absolute quality assurance.

Considered Design

Beauty is found in the details, from the designer temperature dials to stainless steel grates that deliver perfect sear lines whilst channelling oil away to a drip tray.

Complete Illumination

As dusk falls, utilise the Smart Beam™ grill light integrated into the rotisseries to perfectly illuminate the cooking surface, helping you ensure the perfect char on your meats or vegetables.

Entertain In Style

Modern homes are a celebration of cohesion and flow – one space a continuation of the next, with features designed to complement or contrast adjacent rooms for a home that is both beautiful and functional.

The outdoor kitchen hinges on these principles. By extending the cooking and living experience beyond the traditional bounds of the indoor kitchen, these spaces are becoming increasingly connected and complementary.

Bone-in Rib-Eye Steaks Being Seared atop a Stainless Steel Grill

Seamless transition

The complete Fisher & Paykel and DCS cooking solution is one that transitions seamlessly from the indoor to the outdoor kitchen. It is a showcase of flexibility, continuity and quality in every aspect of cooking. The continuation of design aesthetics from indoor to out, the same attention to quality and performance in every product.

Close Up of Roasted Whole Chickens Being Glazed on Rotisserie Grill

Catering by Combination

The spacious interior of the DCS grill makes cooking simple, whether preparing a meal for two or catering for large groups. Time rotisserie roasts to coincide with side dishes cooked to perfection in Fisher & Paykel convection or steam ovens.

Front View of Outdoor Stainless Steel Grill Countertop atop Wooden Cabinetry Matching Furniture

Culinary creativity

At the heart of the outdoor kitchen, the grill is designed to complement the functionality of kitchen cooking appliances. It allows cooks to experiment with the techniques of searing, rotisserie, and slow cooking in ways that cannot be expressed indoors.


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