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Perfect Pairs

Fisher & Paykel dryers pair perfectly with matching washing machines, bringing a considered design aesthetic to the laundry space. Engineered with a deep understanding of modern fabrics, they provide outstanding care for even the most delicate garments.

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Heat Pump

Using a highly efficient heat exchange system, Heat Pump dryers operate at a lower temperature to conserve energy while offering the best care for all fabric types.

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When external venting is not an option, a Condensing dryer is an excellent choice. Plumbed-in or captured in a reservoir, Fisher & Paykel Condensing Dryers provide optimal performance with flexibility of placement within the home.

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Intuitive and efficient, vented dryers deliver exceptional performance and perfect results for all types of clothing.

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Combi: Washer-Dryer

With a small footprint and convenient all-in-one functionality, Fisher & Paykel combi: washer-dryers are the choice of those who wash smaller loads, less frequently and are ideal for homes with limited laundry space.

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Free Your Laundry

Configure and design your laundry to suit your home, with Fisher & Paykel Heat Pump Condensing dryers that capture moisture without the need to vent.

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A Lifetime Of Care

Home appliances are built to stand the test of time and, because of that, we want to know that they will continue to respect the environment for years to come.

We know that the greatest energy impact of laundry appliances over their lifecycle comes during use in the home.

To counter this, we focus our world-renowned engineering and simulation tools toward evaluating and fine tuning all our appliances to get the greatest efficiency before they are taken from prototype to final solution.

It is the small improvements that can lead to the biggest change.

Care In Every Detail

We believe great appliance design plays a vital role in delivering the best outcomes for your clothing and for the environment. Perfect results in the laundry are those that give the best care for your garments while reducing our impact on the world around us. These values are brought to life in every Fisher & Paykel laundry appliance through our focus on human-centred design.

Energy Efficiency

Fisher & Paykel uses heat pump technology to provide the optimal dry at low temperatures. Select the top of the range Heat Pump Condensing Dry for an appliance boasting a 10-star energy rating.

Healthier Drying

Heat pump and condensing technologies remove water from the dryer into a tank or drain. This reduces moisture and allergens released into your home when compared with a front venting dryer. A healthier choice for allergy sufferers.

Designed To Match

Rigorous testing across a wide range of fabric and garment types informs the settings of our drying cycles. Each is customised to best suit the needs of specific fibres and materials, and designed to be used with the matching washing cycle of Fisher & Paykel washing machines.

Education Leading Innovation

Designing the best technologies for an exceptional dry does not start in the workshop. It starts in the wardrobe.

It is because we deeply understand fabrics that we are able to create the perfect profile for optimal care.

We understand that jeans fit best when given an extra dry finish. We know that low temperature and slight residual moisture helps woollens retain their natural oils and soft feel.

It is this expertise over generations that our world-renowned dryer technologies are predicated on. A fundamental understanding of different fabrics and how best to care for them.

Auto-Sensing Tech

Auto-sensing technology cleverly senses the moisture level within the drum, stopping the cycle at the right moment to prevent your clothes from under or over drying. This means clothing lasts longer and the appliance only uses as much electricity as needed.

Fabric Care Cycles

Easy to use, with an abundance of options. Select from up to 18 dry cycles on the intuitive LCD display to dry everything from delicate lace to hard-wearing high performance fabrics.

Delicate Drying

Not all items that require drying benefit from a tumbling action. A custom-built dryer rack places your precious possessions such as sneakers, hats and soft toys at the centre of the drum for gentler drying.