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Plug and go

Plug in and go

8kg Condensing Dryer

This extra large capacity dryer makes a perfect pair with the WashSmart™ Front Loader. Its condensing technology makes installation simply a matter of plugging it in. No venting is required. Its 8 kg capacity means clothes can move around freely to ensure even drying and minimise creasing.

Designed to Match

Designed to Match

Fisher & Paykel dryers and washers have matching SmartTouch™ dials and capacitive touch displays for fingertip control. Designed as a matching pair they deliver a pleasing aesthetic and when installed one above the other allow maximum folding space and better ergonomics in your laundry.

Healthy Drying

Healthy Drying

Vented Dryers remove more moist air from the laundry via a tube to the outside of the house. When venting is not possible or is too expensive, our 8kg Condensing Dryers are an ideal solution as no venting is required. This reduces the amount of moisture and allergens released into your laundry. A healthy choice for asthma sufferers.

Simple Installation

Simple Installation

All our dryers have simple installation features. For wall mounting of Vented Dryers we include a mounting kit and easily inverted fascia that can be simply unscrewed, reversed and screwed back in place. Ideal for smaller spaces and apartments. Condensing dryers can be placed anywhere in the home, just plug in and go.


Choice Recommended

CHOICE recommends Fisher & Paykel's 10kg CleanSmart™ Top Loader (WL1068P1) and 8kg Condensing Dryer (DE8060P2).

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