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ActiveSmart™ Foodcare

Your fridge door is the most used door in your home. Every time you open it the temperature changes around your food. ActiveSmart™ Foodcare intelligently adjusts airflow in the fridge to create a stable and even temperature that helps your food stay fresher for longer.


Food care is at the heart of refrigeration design and the challenge is to keep the temperature as consistent as possible. It’s about controlling the weather around your food. The fridge is the most used door in your household so ActiveSmart™ Foodcare has been developed to optimise food care through a control system that anticipates future use by sensing environmental conditions. As well, the Humidity Control System creates the perfect microclimate in each produce bin, maintaining fruit and vegetable quality at just the right humidity and temperature level. This helps food stay fresh and last longer.

What is ActiveSmart™ Foodcare?

ActiveSmart™ Foodcare consists of a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled fans and multiple air vents.

The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator operates. The sensors continuously send information to the microprocessor, which analyses and adjusts the fan and compressor operations accordingly to deliver optimal results.

Cool air is distributed evenly and efficiently through multiple air vents, creating a consistent and stable temperature throughout your refrigerator and freezer. ActiveSmart™ Foodcare also has the ability to rapidly chill new items to a safe temperature and quickly freeze foods to retain moisture when defrosted.

Continuous feedback means that ActiveSmart™ Foodcare adjusts to the way you live. Its ability to respond to daily use means that it only uses the energy needed to help keep your food fresher for longer.

How ActiveSmart™ Foodcare helps you

Independent Control = Better Food Care

Independent Control = Better Food Care

The Humidity Control System, together with the cool and consistent temperature delivered by ActiveSmart™ Foodcare, creates the perfect microclimate for your produce.

Greater Intelligence = Greater Efficiency

Greater Intelligence = Greater Efficiency

Sensors constantly record changes to fridge and freezer compartments, after the doors are opened, ensuring food temperature in each compartment is kept stable.

Rapid Chilling = Optimised Food Preservation

Rapid Chilling = Optimised Food Preservation

Independent fans control airflow through multiple air vents to all compartment as well as rapid chill and freezing to ensure food safety and maintain food quality


Neville Seagar

Chief Engineer Refrigeration
ActiveSmart™ fridges are responsive to the changes of everyday use, delivering greater energy efficiency as well as keeping food fresher for longer.