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At Fisher & Paykel we're always looking for insights into the life lived around our products to inspire new moments of delight in the home. Our connected appliances combined with the SmartHQ™ app introduce new and unique kitchen and fabric care experiences to the home, along with greater convenience and seamless control and versatility.


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SmartHQ™ is the foundation of your Fisher & Paykel Connected Home. It integrates the experience of operating and remotely managing your Fisher & Paykel connected appliances into a single app.

Download the free SmartHQ™ app for Apple or Android and start pairing your connected appliances.

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Connected appliances

SmartHQ™ is where your home’s digital and physical worlds come together to enhance the flow of ingredients into cuisine and turn chores into beautiful experiences.


Luxury appliances within the Fisher & Paykel Connected Home ecosystem are even more beautiful to use. Enjoy remote control and helpful notifications that give you greater visibility of appliance performance and status.


Go from moments of delight in the heart of the home to moments of delight anywhere. At home, at work, or on holiday, SmartHQ™ keeps you seamlessly connected to your home ecosystem.


SmartHQ™ has become the control platform of choice for several leading global appliance brands. Designed and developed in the USA, it acknowledges that privacy is more important than ever.


We have achieved Gold verification level for UL’s IoT Security Rating which prioritises the protection of your appliance, data and privacy through every stage of development, manufacturing, and maintenance, with regular audits and testing to ensure the standards are maintained.

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How to Connect

Download SmartHQ™ from the Apple or Android store, create an account and sign in. Then select the appliance you want to pair, and follow the in-app steps.

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Smart and Secure

SmartHQ™ has become the control platform of choice for several leading global appliance brands. Designed and developed in the USA, it acknowledges that privacy is more important than ever.

Data Safety

With gold-standard data encryption and data protection, SmartHQ™ is designed to protect your appliances and data. Regular testing and updates ensure the gold-standard protection is met and maintained.

Trusted Partners

As a result of our work with trusted partners, SmartHQ™ delivers software updates to compatible appliances wirelessly, so you’re ready for a future of smart features, cycles and experiences designed to simplify daily life.

Perfect Control

Experience a kitchen that keeps pace with the way you cook, clean, and care for food, at home or when you’re away. Simply control and monitor your Fisher & Paykel connected appliances with SmartHQ™ from your phone or tablet.

Helpful Alerts

Take the guesswork out of perfect results by combining the SmartHQ™ Kitchen Assistant with the Fisher & Paykel Wireless Temperature Sensor. Monitor your food in real time and benefit from helpful notifications that let you concentrate on dish creation, while simultaneously achieving perfect cooking and resting times.

Seamless Updates

With compatible connected appliances you can enjoy seamless over-the-air software updates through SmartHQ™. Enjoy the benefits of new cycles and modes that further enhance the kitchen or fabric care experience, without upgrading your appliances.


The app and digital platform you will need to pair your Connected Home appliances. Once paired, SmartHQ™ helps you control, manage and monitor your connected appliances remotely from your device. SmartHQ™ is the gateway to in-app companions such as Kitchen Assistant.

Because there are always moments when your hands are full, we’re introducing convenient hands-free help through integration partnerships with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa*.

  * Dependent on functionality available in your region. 

Connected appliances look just like non-connected appliances. However, for greater convenience they connect to your home Wi-Fi, enabling you to monitor and control them remotely, including receiving notifications, wherever and whenever.

Open the SmartHQ™ app, connect your appliance if you haven’t already – using the instructions in the app – then tap on its icon. You’ll be able to see its status, and a range of ways to control it, from adjusting temperatures to switching modes or ordering consumables like water filters.

A Connected Home expands and enhances the experiences and functionality of your Fisher & Paykel appliances. For instance, it brings flexibility, precision and convenience to cooking, food care and dishwashing. You can optimise fridge temperature zones to keep food fresher for longer; match temperature to wine type for a perfect tasting experience; and create perfect results with Kitchen Assistant and the Fisher & Paykel Wireless Temperature Sensor. You can receive notifications when a wash load is complete or when your freshly laundered sheets are dry, and much more. With seamless wireless updates, compatible Fisher & Paykel connected appliances will get smarter over time as new features, functions and experiences are released.