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The Social Kitchen™ underpins our design philosophy in developing flexible appliances that can be distributed throughout your kitchen and tailored to your individual lifestyle and needs. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we prepare and cook food for our families, help kids with their homework and entertain friends. Our kitchens now communicate how we live as much as how we cook.


Fisher & Paykel debuts at EuroCucina

Fisher & Paykel showcases its unique design story to the world when it debuts at Milan's EuroCucina FTK in April 2018. It's the first time the global premium appliance company has appeared at EuroCucina FTK - Technology for the Kitchen - one of the most prestigious international kitchen expos. 

Fisher & Paykel wins Red Dot awards

Fisher & Paykel's new Gas on Glass cooktop and 60cm Built-In Oven designs have won the prestigious international design award known as 'Red Dot’. Fisher & Paykel's products were awarded the 'Red Dots' out of more than 4600 entries submitted from over 50 countries to the highly-acclaimed awards programme, which is based in Germany.

A Cool Brand

Fisher & Paykel has been leading the world in appliance innovations since the early 1980's. Products like the DishDrawer™ dishwasher, the CoolDrawer™ multi-temperature refrigerator and the new 60cm Built-in Oven with ActiveVent technology, have not only pioneered new, compact technologies but have changed appliance design forever.

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The Changing Nature of the Kitchen

Mark Elmore, Head of Industrial Design at Fisher & Paykel Appliances, has been designing kitchen appliances for decades. He is particularly interested in the physical and architectural changes that have occurred, and in the sociological and psychological ways in which kitchens have changed over the years.

The Design Story

We live in a designed world and we believe everybody deserves good design.

A Q&A with Chief Designer Lauren Palmer

Chief Designer Lauren Palmer talks to Urbis Magazine.

Fisher & Paykel partners with chef Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon will create new recipes and dishes that will be available in selected kitchen studios to show consumers the ease and control of Fisher & Paykel ovens and hobs and inspire new cooking ideas.

The Chef's Kitchen

Thanks to Fisher & Paykel, Carl Koppenhagen and Natalia Schamroth's kitchen was designed with functionality and sociability in mind.

The Island Kitchen

Daniel Witten-Hannah and Alex Munro's brief to architect Gerrad Hall laid out that they wanted a house with warm simplicity. Inside, the kitchen was of central importance; they wanted it to be the social heart of the home, simple and refined with close attention to detailing and honest materials.

The Social Kitchen™

The Social Kitchen™ is an approach to design, cooking and the kitchen. It is an ongoing experience to connect people with food and design and start rethinking the kitchen.


Customer Led Innovation

Customer Led Innovation

We are curious about people. How they live, where they live, what they do and how they use things. This is where hidden insights wait to be uncovered. We are curious not only with the function and performance of our products but with the emotional role they play in peoples lives. For us, design is not a self-serving goal; it is a human endeavour to make life better. Continuous innovation is part of the Fisher & Paykel design philosophy.

We live in a designed world and we believe everybody deserves good design. The ongoing collaboration between design engineers and customers has changed the course of appliance design for us as a company and for those who use our products day in and day out. Our future will be built on fostering this spirit of collaboration and curiosity.


Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen

Our popular food blog, Our Kitchen, came not from a marketing brief, but from an idea in the design team. Fisher & Paykel supported the concept and gave our staff - from departments as varied as food testing to accounts - time to work on the blog.

Originally our cooking-mad staff shared recipes on scraps of paper, photocopies or just a detailed description of something that the flat tried last night. We started to compile and photograph our favourite creations to share. The recipes have been tested on friends, family and workmates, and only the best make it onto Our Kitchen.

Sharing recipes, ideas, tips and passions is all part of Fisher & Paykel's Social Kitchen™ philosophy. Our Kitchen shows how our team are passionate foodies that cook and use our products every day, just like you.


Taste of Auckland 2013

Juliette Hogan Talks FabricSMart™