white rock

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Project Details


From a distance, the structure appears as a small disruption amid the ever-changing colours of the surrounding forest. However, up close its presence becomes monumental. The building form, which rises above the modest entry and appears to protrude from the rocky outcrop, is simple and geometrical, with a façade that is made up of a patchwork of glass and weathered steel.

white rock new build canada

Project Type: Residential New Build

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Architect: Omar Ghandi

Photographer: Pablo Veiga

fisher & paykel design new build kitchen


On the first floor, large picture windows face east and west, and on the second floor, a larger window punctuates the southern elevation, spanning its width and wrapping around to the east. These spaces are intentionally minimal. Lined entirely in smoked oak with raw steel shelving and wall-mounted industrial light fixtures, the interior has the feel of a woodsy cabin seen through a sophisticated design lens.

Minimal designed Interior
Fisher and Paykel Integrated CoolDrawers


The austere, stainless-steel kitchen is a study in scale. Since its back bench can be seen from the open-plan living and dining area, it contains only low elements which are either integrated or finely detailed in terms of craft, while the taller elements (the refrigerator, freezer and wine cabinet), are housed in the pantry adjacent to the primary work zone.

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