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Suits models beginning with OB60SL. The telescopic sliding shelf slides back and forth making it safe and easy to move trays in and out of the oven. They can be easily removed to change position for cooking or complete removal for cleaning.
$ 155.99
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Notes: These are not included in the 7 function model so need to be purchased as an optional accessory if required
Suits models: BI602, BI603, RA6103, OR61S2,3,4, HOR61S8CEWSW1, HOR61S2CEWW1, HOR61S4CEWW1.
$ 131.61
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Silver plastic knob. Suits some of the following cooktops models: CT560C, CT5602F, CT2802.
$ 23.31
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The hinges are sold individually and each door requires two hinges. Note: If you have a double oven please check the list below carefully as the parts could be different for each oven. Suits the following models: OB60S - Single Ovens (OB60S9DEM1, OB60S9DEX1, OB60SCEW2/3, OB60SCEX2/3, OB60SCMW2/3, OB60SCMX2/3, OB60SDEM2, OB60SDEX2, OB60SDTM2, OB60SDTX2, OB60SLMFX2/3, OB60SVMX2/3; OR - Single and Double Ovens - Both ovens use part 574342 (OR120DDWGFX1, OR60SDBGX1, OR60SDBSX1OB60D), Double Ovens - Both ovens use part 574342 (OB60DDEM2/3, OB60DDEX2/3OB60B77), Double Ovens - Only the lower oven uses part 574342 (OB60B77CEW1/2, OB60B77CEX1/2, OB60B77DEM1/2 OB60B77DEX1/2). The upper oven uses part 574500 (OB60BC/D), Double Ovens - Both ovens use this part (OB60BCEW1/2/3, OB60BCEX1/2/3, OB60BDEM1/2/3, OB60BDEX1/2/3).
$ 30.26
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Lamp assembly for Oven range. Suits models: OR90SDBSIX1, OR90SDBGFX2, OR60S7CEX1, OR60S7CEW1.
$ 26.27
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This is a bracket that supports the hinge of the oven door. Suits model OB24SDPX1.
$ 6.45
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Aluminium Filter for Rangehood. Suits Models: HC60PLX4 & HC60BLX4.
$ 49.89
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White Plastic Handle for Freestanding Range. Suits Models: RA6102A, RA6102M, RA6102F, RA6102B, RA6103A, RA6103B, RA6103M, BI601C, BI601G, BI601R, BI602R, BI602C, OR61S2, OR61S8 & OR61S4.
$ 23.25
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The racks line the sides of the oven and the shelves slide into these racks. These are not the cooking shelves. Suits the following models: OB60S - Single Ovens: OB60S3LCX1, OB60S9DECPX1, OB60S9DEM1, OB60S9DEPM1, OB60S9DEPX1, OB60S9DEX1, OB60SCCX1, OB60SCEW3, OB60SCEX3, OB60SCMW2/3, OB60SCMX3, OB60SLMFLX1, OB60SLMFRX1, OB60SLMFX3 & OB60SVMX3. OB60B - Double Oven: This part is only for the lower oven: OB60B77CEW2, OB60B77DEM2, OB60B77DEX2, OB60BCEW3, OB60BCEX3, OB60BDEM3 & OB60BDEX3. OB60D - Double Ovens: Both ovens use this part OB60DDEM3, OB60DDEX3
$ 19.35
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There are two per oven and they are sold individually. Screws sold separately
The element arms sit under the hob element. This is the smaller element arms at 150mm wide. Suits Models: RA6102 (AW/MAW/FAW/MEW/AWP), RA6102B, RA6103 (AW/MAW/MEW), RA6103B, OR61S2 (CAWW/CBW/CEWW2), OR61S4 (CAWW/CEWW2 & OR61S8 (CEWW).
$ 10.12
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Bowl liners are sold separately under part 571833. Large element arms are sold separately under part 573025
LED Bulb for rangehood. Suits models ending: ICSX2, ICSX3, IDCHX2, DCXB3, PCX1, PCB1, PCR1, PCW1, PLX4, XW4
$ 34.91
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Single Bulb Only
Knob/Dial Spring for oven range. Suits Models: OR21, OR90, OR48, OR60.
$ 0.45
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