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This Agitator suits all Fisher & Paykel top load washing machines.
$ 104.99Each
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Slotted Door Kit for Dryer Dryer door, rim only.

Does not include window or door catch/strike.

Suits rear venting dryer models.

Models: DE45F56AW1, DE50F56E1, DE50F56A1 & DE50F56A2.

Includes: Outer Door, Gasket Door, Butt Hinge.

Note: Will not suit models: AD39 and models beginning with DE35, DE40,DE60 and DEIX1.

$ 99.99Each
Out of stock
Inlet Hose Assembly for Washing Machine.
$ 24.99Each
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Condensation Drain Hose, 1300mm for Dryer.

Suits Models: DE8060P, DH8060P, DC8060P, HDC80E1, DE4024P, DH9060P, DH9060C, HDHP80E1.

$ 16.99Each
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Front Bearing and Drum Guide kit for Dryer.

Suits Model: DE8060P2.

$ 62.99Each
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Outlet grille only for Dryer. White.

Suits Front venting dryer models.

Note: Outlet grille includes lint filter and retainer spring.

Related parts sold separately: Door rim 427420P & Spigot 427197.

$ 53.99Each
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Lint Filter for Dryer.

Suits Models beginning with: HD80-01, DE8060, DE4024, HDC80E1.

$ 21.99Each
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Wall Mounting Kit for Dryer.

Suits Models: DE5060, DE4060, DE7060, HDV50E, HDV60A, HDV40A, DE6060, HDV70E, DE4560M.

$ 49.99Each
Out of stock

Lint Filter for Washing Machines.

Suits Models: HWT10MW1, HWT10MW2, HWT12MW1, HWT12MW2, HWT80MW1, HWT80MW2.

$ 18.99Each
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Fabric dispenser assembly is suitable for top load washing machines where the fabric dispenser sits on top of the agitator. White.

Note: Agitator part number 425025P sold separately.

$ 26.99Each
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Suits Most Top load Washers

Suits Dryer Models: DH8060P1, HDC80E1, DH8060P1, DH8060C1, DH9060P1, DH9060C1, DH9060P2, DH9060PG2.

$ 20.99Each
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Lint Filter for Dryer.

Suits Models: DE4060M1, DE4560M1, DE4560M2, DE5060G1, DE5060M1, DE5060M2, DE5060MU1, DE5060MU2, DE6060G1, DE6060M1, DE6060M2, DE6060P1, DE7060G1, DE7060G2, DE7060M1, DE7060M2, DE7060P1, DE7060P2, HDV40A1, HDV50E1, HDV60A1, HDV60E1, HDV70E1, HDY-D60 WH, HDY-E60.

$ 16.99Each
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