Front Venting Door Assembly, pdp

Front Venting Door Assembly

Front venting door for Dryer. White.

It's Rim only. Does not include the middle outlet grille.

Suits front venting dryers. 

Related Parts: Outlet Grille 427199P, Spigot 427197.

Note: If wanting a door for an older model (typically over 10 years old) that has the door switch mounted under the hinge cover, the door switch kit will be needed and must be fitted by a qualified installer. See part no 427919 for door switch kit. Also when fitting the door to the older model dryer the breakaway plunger located on the inside top middle of the door will need to be removed.

Hint: Newer dryers have a small cut out in cabinet where the door closes. It is located in the top middle and corresponds to the plunger on the door. If your dryer does not have this cut out it is an older model.

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Front Venting Door Assembly

Door Rim Only