The Beauty of Choice is the ability to choose the perfect product style and integration option to complement your kitchen aesthetic – for complete functionality without compromise on design.

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Kitchen Perfection

Kitchen Perfection is different for everybody. It is the integration of aesthetic elements, luxury materials and product styles with the architecture of your home. Create your perfect kitchen by matching your lifestyle preferences with a tailored appliance solution for a beautiful, bespoke environment in the heart of the home.

The Beauty of Choice

Change the reading of a space from function and utility to cohesive architectural statement by combining exceptional cooking appliances with integrated product solutions.

To provide the Beauty of Choice, we have carefully crafted four unique appliance design styles: Contemporary, Minimal, Professional and Classic.

Each style has a shared materiality and detailing approach to support the creation of aesthetically cohesive kitchens. Our careful attention to the way each product fits into its environment further enhances the quality of bespoke design responses.


Quiet and refined. The Minimal Style is the perfect complement to our collection of integrated appliance solutions. It ensures the kitchen design is the hero.

This style celebrates a singular aesthetic, allowing appliances to blend seamlessly into the kitchen, drawing on subtle textural and tonal contrasts for a sense of refinement and design clarity.


Distinctive and timeless. This style has refined material contrasts that are more expressive than the Minimal Style.

Contemporary Style appliances support varied kitchen design approaches. Design cues include stainless steel surface finishes, matte glass, brushed aluminum accents and handle options designed to match – so you can extend a unified design language across the kitchen for a beautifully considered aesthetic.


A commanding presence. Inspired by the restaurant kitchen, Professional Style appliances anchor space as the hero of the kitchen.

With uncompromised power, robust proportions and a bold celebration of stainless steel construction, this style supports kitchens designed as high performance spaces.


A perfect blend of heritage aesthetic and modern performance. Classic Style appliances are more expressive – they bring presence and a sense of craft to the kitchen.

Choose a color that brings personality and character to your environment, and experience quality in every detail – from fit and finish to tactility and performance.

Design Details

One of the first decisions you make in the kitchen is what to hero and what to hide. Integration solutions, along with choices of product style, style combinations and hardware options, are integral to bespoke kitchen design.

Find your style

The kitchen has evolved over time into the home’s multi-functional center, typically connected to living areas and outdoor spaces. It is a place for food preparation, cooking and cleaning, as well as a place to entertain and gather with family and friends. Using integrated appliances, the opportunity is to elevate the aesthetic reading of the kitchen – from function and utility, to cohesive architectural statement.


Any product style can be combined with integrated products to celebrate the materiality and craft of a kitchen. The hidden nature of integrated appliances helps defer attention to the overarching kitchen concept, a kitchen focal point or signature appliance.

The Hidden Kitchen

Design integration allows you to match appliances to the materiality of the kitchen, for a sleek and seamless aesthetic. Alternatively, seek contrast in the kitchen by celebrating the material expression of a product.


Natural or black stainless steel? A brushed finish, a soft sheen, or a delightfully tactile matte glass surface for a beautifully balanced look? With several finishes and hardware options to choose from, there are many ways to personalize your kitchen to suit your taste.

Eat, share, live life

At Fisher & Paykel, we believe the kitchen is a social space that brings people together. Turn ingredients into cuisine and make dining in the new dining out with a collection of appliances designed to meet your changing needs. Kitchen Perfection.

Ultimate Kitchen Solutions

Combine beautiful design and exceptional performance with kitchen appliances tailored to your lifestyle.

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The Beauty of Choice

Choose the perfect product style to complement your kitchen aesthetic for complete functionality without compromise on design.

Design Freedom

Plan beyond the work triangle and customize a kitchen layout to exactly suit how you live.

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