The Malvern house

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Project Details


Presenting as a weatherboard Victorian cottage from the street, Malvern House is in keeping with the historic narrative of its neighbors. However, it offered an opportunity to elevate an existing rear addition to create a pavilion that brings in light and greenery with extensive glazing, adding much-needed liveable space to the modest footprint of the original home.

Shot of the green-marble kitchen.

Project Type: Suburban House

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Architect: Lande Architects

Photographer: Derek Swalwell

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Wrapped around an internal courtyard, this new pavilion houses the kitchen, living and dining areas, whose deep, moody color palette is anchored by a green marble in the kitchen that harks back to the 19th century aesthetic of the rest of the home, while echoing the lush vegetation visible outside. A skylight placed above the overhead cabinets floods the stone splashback, highlighting its intricate swirls.

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The Fisher & Paykel appliances were integrated within cabinetry painted the same tone as the marble, while an all-but-invisible induction cooktop sinks into the countertop, allowing the design program to flow seamlessly.

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