Love Your Laundry

Every fabric has its own needs for the best care. Fisher & Paykel laundry appliances are purposefully designed to deliver remarkable fabric care, regardless of the garment. Pair washers and dryers for a consistent and considered laundry that is not only visually appealing but perfectly matched in its functionality.

Fabric Care

The science of fabric care is a delicate balance – water, temperature, detergent, and movement come together to give the best results for delicates, durables and everything in-between.

Pair a washer powered by SmartDrive™ with the autosensing technologies of a Condenser dryer for the ultimate in fabric care.

Perfect Pairs

The modern laundry is no longer just a functional work zone, it is beautifully designed and considered space featuring appliances that are styled to match and mirror one another both in aesthetic and in features.

Whether side-by-side, stacked, or distributed to suit your laundry space and patterns of use, these appliances are designed to be proudly on show.

Carbon Impact

With a critical focus on carbon emissions, we are seeking to address the urgency of the climate crisis with speed and scale in multiple areas of our business. See our Carbon Impact Statement for details about our carbon emissions goals, strategy and roadmap.

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The Science of Fabric Care

Different fibers wear for different reasons, so to truly care for your fabrics first means understanding them.

With so many clothing and fabric options available today, it can be difficult to know how each should be treated for the best results.

Fisher & Paykel laundry products incorporate more than 80 years of expertise and understanding in the nature of fabric fibers to remove the guesswork.

Customized to a wide range of fabric types, they intuitively sense the parameters of your load to deliver the cleanliness and care your garments demand.

Everything in balance

By customizing the measures of water, temperature, detergent, time and mechanical action, the wash cycle can be changed to meet the specific requirements of any fabric.

The best wash cycle not only cleans clothes exceptionally but also delivers the care needed to extend the life of garments, from delicates to durables and everything in-between.

Generations of expertise in washing have informed the specifications of our wash cycles – each developed and tested to keep your cherished clothes looking better for longer.


Warm water swells fibers, helping to release dirt particles so that the detergent and machine action can play a more effective role in the cleaning process. Gentle warmth under 90ºF is the perfect temperature to protect natural fibers such as wool.


Detergent molecules attach themselves to dirt, making them bigger, heavier and easier to wash away by the swishing and sloshing of the tumbled water.

Machine Action

Changes in speed, direction and water flows provide the agitation needed to shake loose dirt particles. An effective wash creates a ‘tumble drop’, where clothes fall from the top of the drum into the water below. This gentler action is perfect for synthetic fibers which require a more delicate wash.

Experience over generations

Fisher & Paykel has decades of expertise and pioneered innovative laundry technologies in the pursuit of the perfect wash.

This obsession with the detail is evident in every Fisher & Paykel washing machine.

The right balance and control over the acceleration and deceleration profiles at the right time helps to agitate the garments, opening the fibers to enable a proper clean

The rotational action promotes ‘tumble drop’ that helps to remove dirt before carefully considered spin speeds delicately extract moisture from the clothes without stretching.

Through this deep understanding of fabrics and fibers we have been able to create wash and dry cycles that are customized to care for even the most delicate garments.


Quiet and efficient direct drive motor technology that provides accurate control, with the ability to change direction and speed of the drum gently to avoid damaging garments.

Vortex Wash

Vortex Wash speeds up the wash cycle without compromising cleaning and fabric care by forcing water from the bottom of the drum, so detergent and heat reach your clothes faster.

Steam Clean

The Steam function uses gentle, humid heat to open the weave of fibers, making for a more effective wash cycle.

Considered Cleaning

The choices we make in our homes are a reflection of our own personal values. We choose products that are sustainably produced, ethically manufactured and that reduce our impact on the environment.

From the clothing we wash and dry, to the detergents we use and the appliances that we choose, the laundry is a deeply considered space – where decisions are made that demonstrate our commitment to the way we live our personal lives, and to the wider impact we have on the world around us.

These same considerations are woven through the fabric of Fisher & Paykel’s design ethos, with appliances crafted with care in mind – care for your garments, for the environment, and for the things that are important to you.

Woman Loading a Thick Duvet Into Washing Machine.

Compact Capacity

Through decades of product testing and refinement, Fisher & Paykel front load washing machines are both compact and powerful. With a wash capacity of 2.4 cubic feet – the equivalent of 18 bath towels in one cycle – weekly wash cycles can be reduced to save time, energy and water.

Closeup of Washing Machine Dials and Button Panel.

Time Saver Option

The Time Saver option activates a special temperature profile and unique tumble sequence that speeds up the wash, saving time without compromising performance.

Fluffy White Cat Sleeping atop a Washing Machine.

A Quieter Wash

World-first SmartDrive™ Technology controls the tumble and spin action within your washer, minimizing vibrations and noise levels for a quieter wash that takes better care of your clothes.

Add a Garment

We know modern life is busy. The Add A Garment function allows you to pause the wash cycle to add any size items that may have missed the wash or remove those that accidentally made their way in.

Gentler drying

Caring for your garments is not just about keeping them pristine. By preserving the clothes we wear we extend their life, meaning less goes to landfill.

Our intuitive technologies deliver exceptional performance for a superior clean and dry, with features that are designed to be gentle on fabrics.

With insights gained over decades of appliance design, Fisher & Paykel washers and dryers take the guesswork out of clothes care to give you confidence that your favorite clothing will stand the test of time.

Care in Every Detail

We believe great appliance design plays a vital role in delivering the best outcomes for your clothing and for the environment.

Perfect results in the laundry are those that give the best care for your garments while reducing our impact on the world around us.

These values are brought to life in every Fisher & Paykel laundry appliance through our focus on human-centered design.

Intuitive Drying

Auto-sensing technology cleverly senses the moisture level within the drum, stopping the cycle at the right moment to prevent your clothes from under or over drying. This means clothing lasts longer and the appliance only uses as much electricity as needed.

Healthier Drying

Condensing technology removes water from the dryer into a tank or drain. This reduces moisture and allergens released into your home when compared with a front venting dryer. A healthier choice for allergy sufferers.

Designed to Match

Rigorous testing across a wide range of fabric and garment types informs the settings of our drying cycles. Each is customized to best suit the needs of specific fibers and materials, and designed to be used with the matching washing cycle of Fisher & Paykel washing machines.

Interior of a Dryer with Pristine White Sneakers atop a Drying Rack.

Delicate Drying

Not all items that require drying benefit from a tumbling action. A custom-built dryer rack places your precious possessions such as sneakers, hats and soft toys at the center of the drum for gentler drying.

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