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Clear dairy cover lid for left hand side of Refrigerator.

Suitable for 790mm width cabinets.

Suits models beginning with: E522B, E521T, N510T, N500B, C520B, C511B.

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Note: Dairy hinge pin and door shelf sold separately

Halogen Lamp P42 for Refrigerator.

Suits Models: E402BR..1/2, E442BR/L...1, E522BR/L...1, RF175W...1, RF201ADUX1, RF540ADUX1, RF610ADUM1, RF610ADUX1.

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Crisper/Bin Runner for Refrigerators.

PKT 2.

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A push-in type seal/gasket for Refrigerator door.

Suits Models beginning with: E522, RF170, RF442, RF522.

Note: The gasket for the fridge and freezer doors are different, please ensure you purchase the correct part.

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Individual bottle holders can be spread out across any shelf in the refrigerator or when not in use can be stacked on top of each other. They have a groove which clips over a lip at the back of the shelf in some refrigerators. In other refrigerators with different shelf types the bottle holders can be set down directly on the shelf.

Note: Bottle holders sold individually.

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Valve Press Limit for Refrigerator.

600kpa 85psi.

Suits Models starting with: RF610A, E522B, E402B, RF522A, RS90A1, RS90AU1, RS4621F, RS7621F, RS6121S.

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Gasket / Seal for Refrigerator. 844 x 552.

Suits Models starting with: RS90A1, RS90AU1, RS9120W.

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Gasket / Seal for Refrigerator. Push In 522B PC.

Suits Models beginning with: RF522B.

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Gasket / Seal for Refrigerator.

Suits Models starting with: E440T.

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Control Module for Refrigerator.

VES AS51 120 - 230V SVC.

Suits Models: E522BRWFD5. RF135B, RF170, RF201.

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Water Filter Tube for Refrigerator.

1/4" 4 m.

Suits Models: E402B, E442B, E522B, RF402B, RF522ADUSX4, RF610ADU, RS6121SRHK1, RS7621SRHK1, RS4621FLJK1, RS4621FRJK1, RS6121FLJK1, RS6121FRJK1, RS7621FLJK1, RS7621FRJK1.

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Drawer for Freezer. SX2.

Suits Models starting with: RF170, RF522.

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