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This Agitator suits all Fisher & Paykel top load washing machines.
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Drain pump 110V/60HZ and fuse. For models produced prior to mid 2011.

Suits models beginning: GWL11, GWL15, IWL12, IWL15, WA37 and WA42.

Notes: For later models see part number 421821P.

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Suits all top load Dryers.
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Note: Please ensure that all of the parts that come in the kit are fitted. Failure to do so may lead to noisy operation or an early re-occurrence of a similar failure

Inlet hose, cold and hot water, suitable for all Fisher & Paykel Washers.

Notes: Turn hot and cold water faucets off when washer is not in use to relieve pressure on hoses and valves and to minimize leakages if a hose or valve should break or rupture. We recommend replacing the inlet hoses every 5 years. Hoses should be checked from time to time and replaced if any wear, cuts, bulges, kinks or leaks are found.

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Suspension Kit Assembly for Washing Machine. Black, 685 (PKT 4).

Suits the following models: WA1068G2, WA1068G1, WA1068P1, WL8060P1, WL1068P1, WA8060P1, WA8060E1, WA8060G1, WA7560E1, WA7060E1, WA7060G1, WA8560P1, WA8560E1, WA8560G1.

IMPORTANT! - Please check the 5-digit product code as WILL NOT SUIT the following product codes: 92263-B 92264-B 93264-B 92266-B 92262-B 93262-B 93265-B.

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Agitator bolt for top load washers. This bolt attaches the agitator to the machine.

Note: There are two types of bolts. This is the bolt used for recent production (2005 onwards). Older machines use part 425059.

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To check you have the correct part refer to the Parts Manual

Nozzle Spray Fill Assembly for Washing Machine.

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Filter / Connector Kit for Washing Machine. 2 pack.
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Suspension Kit for Aquasmart Washers. 4 in a pack.

Suitable Models: WL70T60DW1/CW1/CW2 & WL80T65DW1/CW1/CW2.

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Lid for Washing Machine.

L13 - White.

Suits Models starting with: GWL15, IWL16, WL37CW2, WA37T26, WA42T26.

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Digital Valve for Washing Machine.

24V 10L.

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***This part replaces 420324P***

Grey 230V Pump for Washing Machine. 230V/50HZ.

Suitable for most of top loader washers.

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