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Contemporary Square Fine Handle 60cm

Contemporary Square Fine Handle for Integrated Dishdrawer or Dishwasher or Wall Oven, 1 Piece. Compatible with DD60STI9, DD60SI9, DD60DI9, DW60U6I1, DW60U2I1, OB60SDPTX1, OB60SDPTDX1, OB60SD11PX1, OB60SD10PX1, OB60SD9PX1, OB60SD9X1, OB60SC8DEPX2, OB60SC7CEPX2, OB60SC7CEX2, OB60SC7CEW2, OB60SC6CEPX2, OB60SC6CEX2, OB60SC5CEX2, OS60NDB1, OM60NDB1, WB60SDEX1. For integrated Dish products, pair with a Fisher and Paykel stainless steel door panel or cabinetry panel made by your cabinet maker
Contemporary Square Fine Handle 60cm

Brushed Aluminium Finish

Height 12.4-15.4mm
Width 565mm
Depth 41mm