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Universal Vent Kit for Dryer Models: DE45F56AW1, DE45F56EW1, DE50F56A1, DE50F56A2, DE50F56E1
$ 79.70
Drying rack for dryer
$ 31.66
In Stock
Stacking kit for Washer/Dryers
$ 95.29
In Stock
Stacking kit for Washer/Dryers. Suits Models: Dryers: DE8060P & DH8060P Washers: WH1260, WH1160, WH1060, WH8560, WH8060, WH7560
$ 174.48
In Stock
ScalexPlus Cleaner for Dishwashers and Washing Machines Cleans, descales and deodorise all at the same time Cleans scale from plastic and metal components Three easy to use one dose sachets 3 x 75 g pkt
$ 10.74
In Stock
Allows selected Heat Pump and Condenser Dryer models to be placed on top of compatible Front Loader washing machines to create the perfect pair for compact laundry spaces. This stacking kit features a slide out tray that provides more bench space when you need it. Suits Models: Dryers: DH9060 Washers: WH1260, WH1160, WH1060, WH9060, WH8560, WH8060P
$ 174.48
In Stock
Stacking Kit allows selected vented dryer models to be placed on top of compatible front loader washing machines. Suits Models: Dryers: DE7060, DE6060, DE5060, DE4560M Washers: WH1260, Wh1160, WH1060, WH9060, WH8560, WH8060, WH7560
$ 27.50
Out of stock
Drying Rack for Vented Dryer
$ 26.58
In Stock
Front Venting Dryer Grille Spigot
$ 11.41
In Stock
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