The Beauty of Choice

Contemporary Style Evolution

The kitchen is an increasingly social space, yet the choice of design aesthetic is very personal.

How appliances look is just as important as how they perform.

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Style families designed to match

To provide the beauty of choice, we have carefully crafted three unique appliance design styles: Contemporary, Classic and Minimal.

Find your style

Create a cohesive kitchen with appliances designed to match each other and your home. Choose from the timeless aesthetic of the Contemporary Style, the heritage referencing Classic Style or the seamless aesthetic of the Minimal Style.

Showcase or Hide

Create a unified look with one style, mix and match styles to express a personal design vision, or combine with integrated appliances for a seamless aesthetic.


Pair a stainless steel finish in natural or black, or choose our delightfully tactile new black glass surface for a beautifully balanced look.


The Contemporary Style is an evolving collection of timeless products designed to match. With a number of finishes to choose from, there are many ways to personalise your kitchen to your taste.

The Contemporary Style

A timeless, enduring, yet evolving aesthetic. Contemporary appliances feature clean lines, complementary tonal contrasts and perfectly balanced proportions, giving you more choice and opening up opportunities for a considered and cohesive kitchen design.

Contemporary Appliances Kitchen Example

We understand the changing nature of the kitchen. Our evolving design styles introduce new elements to help transform the kitchen into a cohesively designed living space.

The Evolution of the Kitchen

The new range of Contemporary Refrigerators and Dishwashing appliances allow for design freedom when defining a beautifully considered look.

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Modern and sleek recessed handles complement the horizontal lines of kitchen cabinetry, the simplicity of both form and materiality blends well with other hardware choices in the kitchen.


Designed for a timeless streamlined aesthetic as well as durable, our glass surface products are both beautifully tactile and engineered for durability in the home’s busiest room.

Designed to Fit

Appliances that match each other and your kitchen environment.

Glass Finish

Celebrate a softer materiality with a matte glass surface finish that has a delightful texture and tactility.

Recessed Handles

Combine any surface finish with recessed handles for a streamlined aesthetic. Modern and sleek, they draw on the horizontality of cabinetry and won’t clash with other hardware choices.

Designed To Match

Pair complementary appliances to achieve kitchen unity. Contemporary Style products and design features provide varied opportunities to achieve a beautifully considered kitchen.

Beautiful to Use

Appliances that deliver rich experiences with every use, turning daily routines into rituals.

Obsessed with Details

Whether you choose a glass surface or natural or black stainless steel, you will enjoy the benefits of our obsession with meticulous detailing.

Designed for real life

Matte glass has a nanocoating that makes removing finger marks simple, and with recessed handles set discreetly into door edges, fingers are naturally drawn away from the surface, helping keep it clean.

Beautifully Ergonomic

Celebrate form and function equally. Recessed handles elevate an everyday action into a beautiful experience, every time.

Beautiful to Use

Appliances that deliver rich experiences with every use, turning daily routines into rituals.

Built to Last

Appliances designed and engineered with quality materials and finishes that will stand the test of time.

Rigorously Tested

Scratch and impact resistant glass – engineered and tested to the highest standards and designed for durability in the home’s busiest room.

Premium Materials

Aesthetically timeless and durable. Glass and stainless steel surfaces are made from premium materials known to age gracefully.

Precision Engineered

Premium quality and brushed aluminium handles pair perfectly with precision cut glass – offering an elegant harmony of subtle material contrasts and precision detailing.

Bring Your Design Vision To Life

Designed to complement the Fisher & Paykel family of appliances, glass surface products extend the beauty of choice when you are looking for appliances and materials to complement other design elements within the kitchen.

  • NEW
Series 7 Contemporary
Extra large capacity, with black glass finish and recessed handles
  • NEW
Series 7 Contemporary
Large capacity, with recessed handles for seamless look
  • NEW
Series 7 Contemporary
Large capacity, with recessed handles for seamless look
  • NEW
Series 7 Contemporary
Contemporary design with extra wash functions. Seamlessly fits with cabinetry.