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Suits models beginning with OB60SL. The telescopic sliding shelf slides back and forth making it safe and easy to move trays in and out of the oven. They can be easily removed to change position for cooking or complete removal for cleaning.
$ 139.30
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Notes: These are not included in the 7 function model so need to be purchased as an optional accessory if required
Suits models: BI602, BI603, RA6103, OR61S2,3,4, HOR61S8CEWSW1, HOR61S2CEWW1, HOR61S4CEWW1.
$ 111.32
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Silver plastic knob. Suits some of the following cooktops models: CT560C, CT5602F, CT2802.
$ 22.26
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Flat oven shelf. Suits The Following Model Numbers beginning with OB60SC.. , OB60SD… and OB24SC Measures 373mm x 445mm
$ 32.62
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Suits half sized ovens, model numbers beginning with BI602 BI452.
$ 34.64
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Note: For full sized oven gasket see part number 541684
This is the light-cover for the red light on the oven panel. Suits OB24SDPX1.
$ 2.67
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Curved oven door handle. Suits models beginning OB60B (OB60B77CEW1/2, OB60B77CEX1/2, OB60BCEW1/2/3, OB60BCEX1/23), models beginning OB60N (OB60NOB60NCEX1, OB60NLMW1), and models beginning OB60S (OB60SOB60SCEW1/3, OB60SCEX1/2/3, OB60SCMW1/2/3, OB60SCMX1/2/3, OB60SLMFX1/3).
$ 104.89
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The oven door spacer sits at the bottom of the oven door between the glass panels. Please note, some double ovens do not have a spacer in the second oven, please check the following list carefully. Suits the following models: OB60N - Single Oven (OB60NCEX1, OB60NDEX1), OB60S - Single Oven (OB60SCEW1/2/3, OB60SCEX1/2/3, OB60SCMW1/2/3, OB60SCMX1/2/3, OB60SDEM1/2, OB60SDEX1/2, OB60SDTM1/2, OB60SDTX1/2, OB60SLMFX1), OB60B - Double Ovens - Only the lower oven uses the spacer (OB60B77CEW1, OB60B77CEX1, OB60B77DEM1, OB60B77DEX1, OB60BCEW1/2/3, OB60BCEX1/2/3, OB60BDEM1/2/3, OB60BDEX1/2/3), OB60D - Double Ovens - Both ovens use the spacer (OB60DDEM1/2, OB60DDEX1/2), OR - Double and Single Ovens - Both ovens use the spacer (OR120DDWGFX1, OR60SDBGX1, OR60SDBSX1).
$ 4.40
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Roof Vent Kit 150mm for Rangehood Deflect-o 150mm Roof venting kits are universal fitting and ideal for ventilation options requiring bends to navigate around obstacles within the roof cavity Supplied with the most efficient type of flexible ducting - Semi-Rigid aluminium ducting holds its full diameter and form when bent into shape, and also offers a superior temperature range to that of flexible foil type ducting. Ducting expands to a straight length of 3000mm and should be extended in sections from the centre - out to each end. The Roof Mushroom Cowl is a far superior option to the common type cowl - offering greater protection from birds, rain and rust. Installation Note: Please read installation instructions that are supplied with your Rangehood before installing these parts, assistance maybe required from a qualified tradesperson. This replaces Part PD-RHK150T
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Screw for Oven Side Rack These screws hold the racks, that line the sides of the oven, in place. Models: OB60B, OB60D, OB60N, OB60S, OR120DDWGFX1, OR60SDBGX1, OR60SDBSX1
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Kit includes 2 sides, top and rear. Suits OB60SC models
$ 37.18
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Not suitable for use with pyrolytic (self clean) ovens
This grill grid sits inside the deep roasting tray (550933). When combined with the grill rack (part no 550572) this three piece anti-splatter grill system is designed to reduce splatter and smoke. Allowing hot air to circulate around the food giving results similar to rotisserie cooking. Will suit the following models: OB60SL11DEPX1, OB60SL11DCPX1, OB60SL9DEX1, OB60SL7DEX1 OB60SL7DEW1.
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For the Deep roasting tray see part no 550933, for the Grill rack see part no 550572
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