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Suits half sized ovens, model numbers beginning with BI602 BI452.
$ 33.63Each
Note: For full sized oven gasket see part number 541684
This is the light-cover for the red light on the oven panel. Suits OB24SDPX1.
$ 2.67Each
Curved oven door handle. Suits models beginning OB60B (OB60B77CEW1/2, OB60B77CEX1/2, OB60BCEW1/2/3, OB60BCEX1/23), models beginning OB60N (OB60NOB60NCEX1, OB60NLMW1), and models beginning OB60S (OB60SOB60SCEW1/3, OB60SCEX1/2/3, OB60SCMW1/2/3, OB60SCMX1/2/3, OB60SLMFX1/3).
$ 104.89Each
The oven door spacer sits at the bottom of the oven door between the glass panels. Please note, some double ovens do not have a spacer in the second oven, please check the following list carefully. Suits the following models: OB60N - Single Oven (OB60NCEX1, OB60NDEX1), OB60S - Single Oven (OB60SCEW1/2/3, OB60SCEX1/2/3, OB60SCMW1/2/3, OB60SCMX1/2/3, OB60SDEM1/2, OB60SDEX1/2, OB60SDTM1/2, OB60SDTX1/2, OB60SLMFX1), OB60B - Double Ovens - Only the lower oven uses the spacer (OB60B77CEW1, OB60B77CEX1, OB60B77DEM1, OB60B77DEX1, OB60BCEW1/2/3, OB60BCEX1/2/3, OB60BDEM1/2/3, OB60BDEX1/2/3), OB60D - Double Ovens - Both ovens use the spacer (OB60DDEM1/2, OB60DDEX1/2), OR - Double and Single Ovens - Both ovens use the spacer (OR120DDWGFX1, OR60SDBGX1, OR60SDBSX1).
$ 4.27Each
The hinges are sold individually and each door requires two hinges. Note: If you have a double oven please check the list below carefully as the parts could be different for each oven. Suits the following models: OB60S - Single Ovens (OB60S9DEM1, OB60S9DEX1, OB60SCEW2/3, OB60SCEX2/3, OB60SCMW2/3, OB60SCMX2/3, OB60SDEM2, OB60SDEX2, OB60SDTM2, OB60SDTX2, OB60SLMFX2/3, OB60SVMX2/3; OR - Single and Double Ovens - Both ovens use part 574342 (OR120DDWGFX1, OR60SDBGX1, OR60SDBSX1OB60D), Double Ovens - Both ovens use part 574342 (OB60DDEM2/3, OB60DDEX2/3OB60B77), Double Ovens - Only the lower oven uses part 574342 (OB60B77CEW1/2, OB60B77CEX1/2, OB60B77DEM1/2 OB60B77DEX1/2). The upper oven uses part 574500 (OB60BC/D), Double Ovens - Both ovens use this part (OB60BCEW1/2/3, OB60BCEX1/2/3, OB60BDEM1/2/3, OB60BDEX1/2/3).
$ 33.57Each
Out of stock
Cooktop Gasket. Suits Models: CE302CB, HCE604P.
$ 5.95Each
Oven gasket. Suits full sized ovens, model numbers beginning with WO600, BI600 BI601.
$ 49.09Each
Oven gasket. Suits half sized oven, model numbers beginning with BI600, BI601, BI450, BI451.
$ 30.43Each
Suits full sized ovens, model numbers beginning with BI603.
$ 63.40Each
Oven door hinges (pkt x2). Models: Suits all FULL sized ovens, model numbers beginning with:WO600, BI600, BI601, BI602. Note: For the half sized oven hinges see part number 541673P.
$ 125.24Each
White Plastic Handle for Freestanding Range. Suits Models: RA6102A, RA6102M, RA6102F, RA6102B, RA6103A, RA6103B, RA6103M, BI601C, BI601G, BI601R, BI602R, BI602C, OR61S2, OR61S8 & OR61S4.
$ 53.72Each
This bracket sits behind the first pane of glass and the screws for the door handle go through the glass and attach to this support bracket. Please note, this is for the lower oven only. Suits the following models: OB60DDEM2/3, OB60DDEX2/3 OB60BCEW2/3, OB60BCEX2/3, OB60BDEM2/3, OB60BDEX2/3.
$ 21.32Each
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